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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birth Control! How Dare!

"Neither Birth Nor Death Can Erase Our Good Deeds"
The Date of Birth can only be one factual date, pure and simple!

The seeds of controversy regarding the DOB of Gen VK Singh was sworn by the careless attitude and erroneous actions by the MS Branch at a stage which was allowed to persist till 2006 when they first queried the officer on the anomaly in his DOB.

Excuse me (30 years after commissioning -?) -Why questioning it at this belated stage- ??

The UPA should be squarely blamed for the ugly scene we are witnessing now in the form of a confrontation between the army and the civilian establishment. The Indian Army has a glorious tradition of accepting the civilian control and not meddling in politics especially in recent times when our country has been facing unprecedented political instability.

Instead of honoring the General of such an Army at the time of bidding farewell the Government has dragged him into an unnecessary controversy. There is surely precedence of “age conflicts” being settled. Why subject a man of General Singh’s cadre to some procedural rigmarole.I am riddled with questions!

What’s special about Gen V K Singh's case? Just because he is self respecting and has fiercely independent views running occasionally counter to the Government’s?

Is he a stumbling block for massive kickbacks for vested interests in the government and the UPA for several defense purchases in the pipeline now?

Some interesting points to note:

Ø The aberration in DOB was first raked- up when Gen. J.J. Singh was COAS (2006).

Ø Interestingly planning for “Two down COAS” commences when a Maj. Gen. is approved for Lt. Gen. The so called “Line of Succession” after Gen. V.K. Singh drawn then, has since been talked about and quoted today officially.

Ø General D Kapoor, the previous COAS may have followed the line for vested interests and vigorously pursued the issue at each stage and made all out efforts to malign and belittle Gen. V.K. Singh before his being considered as COAS, and now when so called “Line of Succession” is being firmed-in, the matter has hit the headlines.

Ø Lt. Gen. Avdesh Prakash, the then, Military Secretary vehemently pursued the agenda of his Chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor. He was involved in Sukhna Land Scam and found guilty and dismissed from service without any pension and benefits by a Court Martial.

The Print Media and Electronic Media, so far, have reflected the issue in bits and pieces without giving the complete picture, which has left the masses in doubt so serious that some of them have even raised eyebrows on the personal integrity of the Army Chief.

This is the least I could do to let the people judge the case on the merits of the case and to know from the facts enumerated above that there are some vested Powers, who are hell bent to destroy the image of our most honorable Army Chief. 

 Obviously! to promote some gullible and pliable personalities for the post.
No efforts either direct or indirect can malign or tarnish the image of this fine institution “INDIAN ARMY”.Ramifications of not taking the issue to rightful conclusion based on justified action are grave, especially when our enemies are eagerly waiting to dismantle and demoralize our Armed Forces!

General V K Singh,I represent the voice of every right thinking honest citizen of this country who is with you in your efforts to preserve  the Army's integrity.I am so very proud of you.

I am most confident that the present COAS (36 NDA Hunter Squadron) will come out victorious!
General V K Singh, Neither Birth Nor Death Can Erase YOUR Good Deeds-JAI HIND!


  1. REASON gen singh is hounded he is stopping the loot of bharat .read 'chauthi duniya'' sena ki izzat ka sawal hai

    1. Dear Subodh

      Means a lot to me for your sharing.We must take a small step towards supporting a man who has served the Nation in an honest and genuine way.The Army is the most noble way of giving back to the Country and it's people.

  2. You make a good point Ushy. It is such a shame that the last bastion of patriotism is being arm-twisted by our corrupt babus. Not that the Army does not have troubles in its own rank, such public showdown are exactly what we can do without.

    1. Thanx MP

      Yes Arm twisted...and they know well intimidation does NOT work with a man of Honour.

      They could have well had a discussion and sorted any matter out rather than question the integrity of a committed high ranking official.

  3. Honestly, I was blissfully unaware of the Gen VK Singh controversy. I had to actually Google and Wiki a bit to know why Gen VK Singh is in the news lately. Well ... you make a good point presenting those interesting facts so that the general public can make a well informed decision on separating fact from fiction. It's a shame that certain people with vested interests are kicking dust.

    1. Hey Robby

      Now you know because it is worth knowing a man Like VK.Facts only in this case and No room for fiction! His credentials and his work speak for itself.

      Do read up more about him.Worth every second of your time!

  4. This brings to light the weak governance of our country... Yet again!

    1) The Ministry of Defense headed by A.K Anthony took no cognizance of the issue & forwarded the file to Law Ministry. This is alleged to be the usual practice. Anthony gives stiff competition to PM when it comes to indecisiveness.

    2) At a time when Bangladesh just witnessed a failed coup attempt & Pakistan on the verge of a military coup, the worst that our govt could do is to get in confrontation with the army. In fact, this govt has set a bad precedent. This only displays their moral & intellectual bankruptcy.

    3) The army lives by honor & valor, these words are alien to our politicians. The General's words must have been taken on his face value & the matter should have closed right then. But our govt. is out there to outsmart, out-shout & crush any & every voice that opposes them. Ramdev, Anna, social networking sites & now they havent spared even the ARMY!

    God save our country!

    1. Dear Jimmy

      Thanks lot for sharing!

      A man like Antony has only domiciliary and loyalty factor and that's the only reason why he is where he is "defensive" mode

      Our Army would rule us better than any one of the current lot who have not shown us any examples of great governance!

      All matters relating to the general should have been deliberated and completed in a closed door discussion!

  5. Yes, Ushy you have rightly addressed the issue. It is careless babudom which has brought this showdown. If M.S.Branch at South Block cannot even record a date of birth in the service record properly, what problems they may be creating for service personnel in matters relating to postings & transfers?
    This is a shameful act and not only Gen.V.K.Singh,COAS, should be given his due, but responsibility for this lapse should also be fixed and the guilty punished.

    1. Dear Ravi

      Thank you for sharing.

      It is careless babudom which has brought this showdown: Why could they not discuss it or go through what they believed was important earlier?

      If M.S.Branch at South Block cannot even record a date of birth in the service record properly, what problems they may be creating for service personnel in matters relating to postings & transfers?

      Guess they have excuses for all the lapses from their side!

      It is very painful for honest people to be pushed to the wall!

  6. Gen VK Singh is one of the most illustrious COAS Indian Army hes ever had. His integrity and professionalism remains unmatched. He has always been forthright in his conviction in national interest. These qualities does not fall in line with unscrupulous bureaucrats and politicians who are always on the lookout for personal gains even it be at the cost of our Motherland and the people of our Country. COAS has taken a step in the right direction in taking a stand for the truth. I only hope that the apex judiciary remains above board and absolutely fair in their verdict.

  7. The issue is not about age, but the way it was/being handled.

    1. Dear Jairaj

      Thank you for sharing!

      It's about the TRUTH! and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
      The Honest must succeed in the end.

      There is a limit to the Govt acting holier than thou!

  8. The government obviously worrries if the top ranking officers enjoy the support of their brothers in arms.....and a charismatic leader is bound to gain the love and respect across the three wings of the armed forces.... a matter which the adminstrators would like to nip in the bud...many seniors officers talk about just this in private...but inevitably all of them continue to be subordinate to government and that is good.

    A diciplined soldier will acept chain of command till at last someone like a napolean comes into the picture and then it's a game changer.

    Whether it's good or not...only time will tell...only those who feel the weight of being governed can truly appreciate whether it's a soft glove or a mailed fist.

    Hope the politicians learn to govern justly so that other options need not be contemplated.

    1. Dear Sophocles

      Lots of gratitude for sharing.2Phrases I loved!

      nip in the bud...Horrid idea if the Govt even remotely has it in their mind, they are trying against a man whose entire Life has been devoted to the service of this Nation!

      politicians learn to govern justly: Surely hope I live to see the day this happens! Sounds like one o0f the worst oxymoron I have heard in the recent past "just government"

  9. In the guise of projecting civilian supremacy over military,there is an attempt to manipulate a pliable succession with 'eye'on the forthcoming arms deals as also charged by Admiral Baghwat.This is dangerous & demorolisng for the forces,wonder what else has the present political dispensation in store for the nation....???....

    1. Dear Lalit

      Thank you for going through my Blog!

      You said it "there is an attempt to manipulate a pliable succession"

      They trivialized an issue which they believe can used to propel hatred and fuel insult!

  10. The indian Armed forces need to wake up (fast asleep so far...and failed the nation in this fight against corruption on the pretext of a desciplined force accepting civilian rule) it is time the Armed forces of india joined the LOKPAL Struggle and the ANTI CORRUPTION CRUSADE, THE THIRD BATTLE OF INDIPENDANCE started by ANNA HAZARE. NOT GOOD ENOUGH "SITTING ON THE FENCE" MILITARY RULE COULD BE A BOON FOR INDIA UNLIKE PAKISTAN.

    1. Dear Deep
      Thank you for going through my Blog.

      It's time to defend a moral right and the ethical practices required in order to run in a force which literally "lays down it's life" for the nation!

      Service above all is not just for the armed forces...its for each and every individual who lives on planet earth!

      We have gotten into the practice of felicitating Corrupt politicians and harming the honest!I would NEVER agree to such a heavy price we need to pay for whatever the REASON!

  11. Nice post Ushy. This whole drama is absurd. Showing the doors to the General neglecting the clean record that he holds would be a shameful act.

    1. Hi Nivedita

      Thank you for sharing your views on the issue.

      Yeah, it's the way the govt is handling the whole issue.Hardly any people wish to join the Army and it's people like Gen VK who inspire the common man to join a force whose ideals are lofty.

      They owe they man a lot more respect than they have currently!

  12. Yet another spanking by the Mata at a subject burning the prestige of the most respected and feared arm of the Indian Executive - The Indian Army. Yes, it is not just ludicrous but outrageous to even imagine that such ridicule can be subjected to a position that is perhaps the 5th most powerful in the Indian constitution coming in sequence after the President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Chief Justice of India.

    This controversy was ably abetted and nurtured by an ignorant Defense Ministry and an equally ignorant Defense Minister. That they chose to ignore the issue put forth by the then corrupt officials in the Indian Army does not illustrate any honesty in their wish or wisdom. The Ex-COAS, Mr Deepak Kapoor and his colleague Lt.Gen. Avdesh Prakash were deeply involved in all sorts of Land Deals and Scams. General V.K.Singh was a sore thorn for them then itself considering the fact that his honesty was way beyond their dominant reach.

    Every record shows that he was born in 1951. That goes right from his birth when his father, Major Jagat Singh, recorded in the service records to Gen.V.K. Singh's joining the NDA in 1965. If either or both of them, i.e., Gen. V.K. Singh or his father has the divine illusion that he would one day become the COAS stands out as not just absurd but irrationally stupid!!! For the Defense Ministry and the Defense Minister to not apply any logic of thought, if they have, at this one particular point itself proves to the fact that the issue is more of Politics than anything else.

    The Politics behind this is nothing more than the pursuit of COAS Singh against corruption, action against corrupt officials in the Army regardless of their ranks, his absolute opposition to most of the outdated arms & ammunition that is pending procurement subject to his approval etc. which has a trail of profitability both in the Army and Defense Ministry circles. Only a castigation of him and his rank would bring any reprieve to these corrupt officials and that is just what the attempt has been.

    But the country has stood behind him, our honorable COAS! Fight it out Sir, we are with you. Shove it up theirs ... and show them what a COAS can do and achieve! The Nation stands behind you in full support.

    And thanks Mataji for highlighting this issue. Yes, let the readers know about it and judge it for themselves.


  13. My dear Prash

    Thanx for sharing good details.
    Lot of gratitude for your inputs on my Blog

    The Politics behind this is nothing more than the pursuit of COAS Singh against corruption, action against corrupt officials in the Army....So they wish for stooges who can mop up their trash!

    Erect upright trees are the first to get chopped! Wonder why at the fag end of Gen Vk Singh's career such a send off was planned!

    Lots of good wishes Prash

  14. gr8 effort Ushy... small contribution counts a lot for such issues! luved reading it...

    thanks fr sharing...

  15. Am not sure exactly the details of the petition filed by Gen at the Supreme Court. Lot of Questions are arising in my mind like
    A)I think one important point is when he joined in 1965,
    what was the rule for induction into Defence, whether one has to be born before 1951 or 1950?
    B)Let us say the rule at that time was candidate had to complete 15years of age, then 1950 must have been recorded in the Defence form, who had made that mistake?
    C)Let us assume the Defence Ministry might have given a
    conditional promotion to the post of Army Chief, on accepting DOB as 1950? When he got his final promotion why did he accept DOB as 1950?
    E)Did V K Singh accept the post on written commitment
    or was it Quid pro basis?
    F) Has anyone raised a Question regarding his honesty
    and integrity during Defense Tenure ?
    G)Why did VK Singh sleep over this issue when this could have been resolved in more amicable way long long back?
    H)Why does VK Singh talk of his age during his retirement, does he want an extension? as he gets additional one year if 1951 is the DOB?

    1. Rightly pointed out. Needs an answer.