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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Making of a Banana Republic?....Indeed Slippery Grounds!

The Making of a Banana Republic?....Indeed slippery grounds!

What we see is what we got!!!!...until just a few years ago!

Forgiveness is giving up my right to hate you for hurting me… but who would I end up hating?...Havent a clue!!!

Today our lovely Country  has indeed gone topsy-turvy. What we see is not what we get. What we get is not what we hear or what we see. Nothing is what it seems. Almost all is deception.Its a case of tail wagging the dog!!!!
Many honoured and admired statesmen asks parliamentarians to make India a great place to live in. Yet, they know not one person will lift a finger to eliminate issues like poverty that mock at us, and the filth and the excrement and the degrading squalor that is life for most of our population.Very few leaders have even lost a night’s sleep over these atrocities that mar our very civilisation.The common man finds it almost impossible to make ends meet…the ends only seem to be moving farther and farther.
Everyone boasts of long-term vision and turning around our glorious Country to be one of the best places to live in!! Unexceptionable words! But how detached from the everyday reality of India they sound.

Our reality is wayward,  and hypocritical. Even some our good leaders are trapped by it.Some solutions maybe-Have a long-term vision? The longest term a politician/leader as I can envision is till the next election… What I have noticed is boredom and opportunism  which is at it’s idealistic peak!!!
Under these politicians/bureaucrats/religious leaders(caste) and so on and so forth we might for sure remain a landof fake encounters, lockup deaths,  female infanticide, rape-killings, witness-buying and all-encompassing, all-destroying, all-consuming corruption governed by a new countrywide group of followers/shishyas of Acharya Brashtacharya!...By the way it’s a widely practised skill in this era!!!
Friends in my experience I’m surely confused…It’s like having the critics praise me !!..feel like I’m having the hangman say to me I’ve got a pretty neck!...I worry for this Beautiful heritage I so cherish.
We will become an uncivilised nation.But we will have the highest growth rate, so it won’t matter if there is some lost sleep over what unskilled labour produced!...In this context our evergreen Guru of pleasure,Nityananda may even say”Quickly let’s get to the “bottom” of the matter”!!!!
Is the future a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you….
In my opinion surely not!...
The worst part of life is waiting…..
The best part of life is having something in future worth waiting for….

The future is a beautiful playground with its own dicsiplines and rules of the game being played…..

Its like an unexplored meadow I label as…virgin territory.

….How we explore it is the future…The Future of India!
 You and only……You can do anything you want with it….


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ekta (UNITY)….Is it a Convertible Term Dependent on Popular Opinion?

Sometimes the motives end up being very selfish!..One may actually mistake it to be a principle and then end up killing for it!!!!

The situation in the Valley is hardly normal at present…..it’s very obvious to the visually impaired even!...Is this the time for “ekta” or “yathra” or whatever?....Why now of all the times?...To me it just seems another political gimmick…another wasted political gambit!....needless hue and cry!

Our’s is such a wonderful country with a legacy which is unparallelled.What then on earth is going wrong?...Is it lack of vision?...or lack of persepective in context?...For the average majority who keep quoting the most respected Constitution of India,rights etc I wonder how many of them know whats the true meaning of “fragility” of Life!!!!...why should every single situation be exploited for some cheap political gains?....Why cant Human life be valued as a priority…needs of  the average man as a necessity?

The valley has just begun to recover from deep bitter conflict that has lasted for months together.In my opinion it is one of the worst tragedies to befall mankind…living in your own homes in fear of people,sleeping in fear every single night, wondering what tomorrow holds for you!...Lets face reality Friends…Ther is true discontent in the people of the beautiful Valley and very few of us are doing anything to allevaite the true reasons!!!....At this stage even a spark can set the house on fire!

I assume there would be an official flag hoisting ceremony at the Bakshi Stadium at Srinagar.Why cant everyone including the Leaders of all parties join in there and do the needful?...Why exacerbate an  already fragile and flammable situation….The end result is that People are being stretched!....Common man(including children),security forces,police forces,members of political parties, the yathrees most of who barely know why they are there!!!....and the souls of people like ME who experience the pain of every single ordinary man and can empathize with the people of the Valley.

It is surely time to redefine what you think of a Constitutional right!!!...is it above the Right to LIVE?
My LIFE has surely been the only Holy Book that I have  ever read!!!...What about your's Friends?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Unfortunately, the history of leprosy and its interaction with man is one of suffering and misunderstanding. The disease was well recognized in ancient China, Egypt, and India, and there are several references to the disease in the Bible. 

Because the disease was poorly understood, very disfiguring, slow to show symptoms, and had no known treatment, many cultures thought the disease was a curse or punishment from the gods. Consequently, leprosy was left to be "treated" by priests or holy men and not dental surgeons/doctors…. In the current context, “Thank Goodness”

A properly organized, working government acting as a mask for the corrupt underbelly - behind this lays the true rot of systems. Much is wrong as I see it… I buy  and laminate newspapers nowadays .so I can puke on them safely when reading about corruption and scams...maybe a dastardly lamination company is behind even this move !

The disease develops slowly (from six months to 40 years!) and results in skin lesions and deformities, most often affecting the cooler places on the body .The lesions and deformities can be very disfiguring and are the reason that infected individuals historically were considered outcasts in many cultures. But those afflicted with the disease ,termed corruption, are invariably welcomed in our society!...In fact even awarded glorified and felicitated!!!

Since the disease often appeared in family members, some people thought it was hereditary; other people noted that if there was little or no contact with infected individuals, the disease did not infect others. In my definition its worse than worst virus attack….the Most virulent and infective!Affecting families and generations,all ages,all sexes alike.. It’s a new age epidemic!

Consequently, some cultures considered infected people (and occasionally their close relatives) as "unclean" or as "lepers" and ruled they could not associate with uninfected people. Often infected people had to wear special clothing and ring bells so uninfected people could avoid them…. But those afflicted with the disease ,termed corruption, are invariably welcomed in our society!...In fact even awarded glorified and felicitated!!! We even strive to get infected!

Prevention of contact with droplets and other secretions from patients with untreated  infection currently is a way recommended to avoid the disease. Treatment with appropriate methods stops the person from spreading the disease.
People who live with individuals who have untreated leprosy /Coruption are about eight times as likely to develop the disease, because investigators speculate that family members have close proximity to the rampant infection!! Leprosy is not hereditary, but recent findings in the case of Corruption suggest susceptibility to the disease may have a genetic basis!!
Many people get exposed to leprosy throughout the world, but the disease in not highly contagious; but in  case of Corruption the disease is HIGHLY contagious as suggested by research...The foremost cause for the prevalence and severity of this disease corruption in humanity is, that it is accommodated in governance.
 There are reports of using a vaccine,  and other preparations that may be protective or help to clear the infection or to shorten treatment of leprosy. There are hardly any preventive measures for Corruption in its rampant infective state today! Corruption is a moral disease of humanity. And corruption is fueled by greed. And greed is like a bottomless pit that cannot be satiated. 

Corruption is a contagious moral disease that begins with an individual and can eventually engulf a nation.
India has been rocked by a series of high profile patients afflicted with corruption scandals in recent years, leading some of the country’s fabric being corroded.

What does it mean that corruption is accommodated We need to acknowledge that …we could be losing nearly two-third of our national budget to corruption… Acknowledgement is a positive step in combating corruption. But now the question that pops is…would someone be prepared to prosecute anyone, including its own ruling leaders and officials, if they are found to be corrupt? One day I sure wish for the answer to be a YES.

If exceptions are made for even a single person involved in corruption, it is no more a zero tolerance of corruption. The logic is simple. It is either zero corruption or corruption. There are no exceptions and accommodations in a real combat against corruption. What does this require?

Transparency and Accountability is a must for any country/profession to combat corruption. It must begin with the head honchos right down to the individuals. The requirement for transparency and accountability is all inclusive, with absolutely no exceptions for anyone. Like if in a disease that has to be cured totally, then, the antidote must be infused completely in an organism for it to work.

The principal is clear, the antidotes of transparency and accountability are for everyone in a country with no exceptions. So, what does the practice of 100% transparency and accountability mean?

I’m proposing here that something every reasonable person who is against corruption already knows…Knowledge of principles in itself is useless without its practice. What is required in the combat against corruption is practice. …And for practice to be effective, must begin with each one of us which permeates to every man on the street. The combat against corruption must be comprehensive for it to show atleast reasonable impact.

Political/Media/Regulatory sideshows and blahs blahs don't work. It is only good for eye candy. Combating corruption: needs zero tolerance + 100% unconditional immediate prosecution followed by stringent punishment. Nothing more and nothing less!!

Corruption has now become a culture in itself in certain countries…can’t we see evidence?
Can corruption be totally eradicated from mankind? No, as long as the soul is corrupted, greed will fuel corruption in any individual or society or country.

For those cowards who are indifferent please try and understand that, driving with a L-board doesn't hurt, but drunken driving does!...Corrupt people are like drunken drivers!!! Corruption is a disease that can be reduced but not eradicated!...It surely needs zero tolerance!

Friends …I wonder sometimes if we had a rupee as a reward for every CWG joke/quote made, we could have bought...umm..another treadmill I guess…no laughing matter however!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ronny met Ranganayaki....'Theory of Relative Titty'.

 Ronny Rodriguez visited a marriage counselor and said, "When we were first married, I would come home from the office, my wife would bring my slippers and our cute little dog would run around barking. Now after ten years it's all different, I come home, the dog brings the slippers and my wife runs around barking.”

Ronny my dear friends was smart ass!He was someone who could sit on an ice cream cone and tell you what flavor it is!!

Ronny and Ranganayaki would have never met !

After all why would a young hep/hip,happening guy like Ronny living in a place like Richmond town, bump into  a  maiden BTS (Bala Tripura Sundari)from Doddanekundi???...rather strange sounding name! which I’m sure a Malayali comrade would relate very well to !!

Lo and behold!..it happened. They both met a wedding reception at Wilson Garden in the reknowned Orekundi Siddalingappa Choultry!

Ronny—wud have never gone, if not for his father, a retired Brigadier Rodriguez with considerable influence.It was the Brigadier who compelled Ronny to accompany him.

Apart from the novelty of eating off a plantain leaf,the function was very much the same.

Bored as hell….
No friends around…all he saw was lots of vertical expressions of oiled plaits and  versions of a floating garment The dhoti!
False smiles like an epidemic…obviously some including some ill fitting Dentures!
Diplomatic gestures…Gosh!.. Ronny wondered when all this would come to an end!Time literally seemed to be crawling!!!Every second seemed like an hour!

Frequently Ronny glanced at his watch,checking time wondering when it would end!
Really bugged, he stifled a yawn but then thought, what the heck,these people aren’t my type anyways!!He then proceeded to yawn loooong and let out a loud sigh!

Mid yawn “his eyes met hers” staring in fascination at his Uvula!...lol

Haven I seen u somewhere??-----Cybercafe? Café Coffee day?The Only Place??...Barista??

She replied----- my favourites are Sukh sagar and Kamat.Sometimes, I also go to Adigas and Kadambas.

The classical music puts u to sleep doesn’t it? Ronny asked the woman he’d just met!
Oh noooo! I enjoy playing the Sitar, in fact can appreciate the music said her.

Oh man! does this mean u don’t listen to Western music?
Seemingly mod woman---could she be soooo outdated…The young man couldn’t believe it!

You are from Mount Carmel rt? JNC???asked he… Nah Babaaaaa,
 I’m Chi Sow Ranganayaki from MES!!said she!

 How do you spend your Weekends---PVR?Mota Arcade?? Commercial street? Brigades??asked Ronny….Ranganayaki replied---- “Alankar Plaza only at Majestic where u could bargain if you know Kannada the language!!”…lol

The conversation fizzled out yet again!!!Ronny started talkin bout the great Architecture of the buildings constructed by the British, when  suddenly she asked ..Have you read R K Narayans booksa?

Oooh yeah maybe, said he!
Wats the connect babes? Asked he.
Well my idea of Architecture is inspired by Malgudi said she.

C’mon babes, don’t talk like a small town gal! talk bout Namma Bengaluru,Namma Metros….the happening page 3 parties!!

This is Bengaluru in the 21st Century…infested with the Hot n Hep people.Potholes and politicos.

Is this what Bengaluru is all about today??

Pretending to be a big city??   A Metropolitan City to be more precise!! Cosmopolitan?...infested with tech savvy heterosexuals,bisexuals,homosexuals,or must I say Retrosexuals!!!!Pretending to be Mod, until you wondered whether Bengaluru is really Mad or Mod???

Friends! it all about respecting individuals for the way they are and the way they think! It’s all about being an individual and not some ramapant society animal.

Arguing about “YOUR TOWN-----MY CITY” the ultimate result was Ronny  ended up being married to Ranganayaki! Serves them right!!! But I wondered howcome!! just one reason maybe....

 When Ronny met  Ranganayaki, he discovered……..'Theory of Relative Titty'.