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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Making of a Banana Republic?....Indeed Slippery Grounds!

The Making of a Banana Republic?....Indeed slippery grounds!

What we see is what we got!!!!...until just a few years ago!

Forgiveness is giving up my right to hate you for hurting me… but who would I end up hating?...Havent a clue!!!

Today our lovely Country  has indeed gone topsy-turvy. What we see is not what we get. What we get is not what we hear or what we see. Nothing is what it seems. Almost all is deception.Its a case of tail wagging the dog!!!!
Many honoured and admired statesmen asks parliamentarians to make India a great place to live in. Yet, they know not one person will lift a finger to eliminate issues like poverty that mock at us, and the filth and the excrement and the degrading squalor that is life for most of our population.Very few leaders have even lost a night’s sleep over these atrocities that mar our very civilisation.The common man finds it almost impossible to make ends meet…the ends only seem to be moving farther and farther.
Everyone boasts of long-term vision and turning around our glorious Country to be one of the best places to live in!! Unexceptionable words! But how detached from the everyday reality of India they sound.

Our reality is wayward,  and hypocritical. Even some our good leaders are trapped by it.Some solutions maybe-Have a long-term vision? The longest term a politician/leader as I can envision is till the next election… What I have noticed is boredom and opportunism  which is at it’s idealistic peak!!!
Under these politicians/bureaucrats/religious leaders(caste) and so on and so forth we might for sure remain a landof fake encounters, lockup deaths,  female infanticide, rape-killings, witness-buying and all-encompassing, all-destroying, all-consuming corruption governed by a new countrywide group of followers/shishyas of Acharya Brashtacharya!...By the way it’s a widely practised skill in this era!!!
Friends in my experience I’m surely confused…It’s like having the critics praise me !!..feel like I’m having the hangman say to me I’ve got a pretty neck!...I worry for this Beautiful heritage I so cherish.
We will become an uncivilised nation.But we will have the highest growth rate, so it won’t matter if there is some lost sleep over what unskilled labour produced!...In this context our evergreen Guru of pleasure,Nityananda may even say”Quickly let’s get to the “bottom” of the matter”!!!!
Is the future a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you….
In my opinion surely not!...
The worst part of life is waiting…..
The best part of life is having something in future worth waiting for….

The future is a beautiful playground with its own dicsiplines and rules of the game being played…..

Its like an unexplored meadow I label as…virgin territory.

….How we explore it is the future…The Future of India!
 You and only……You can do anything you want with it….


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