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Monday, January 16, 2012

Brutality Beyond Imagination

Sadistic Beyond Redemption!

Some kids placed strong firecracker in the mouth of this animal and made sure he could not open it!

What has the world come to? To these kids it must have been macabre fun for a few minutes, and then they continued with their life like nothing ever happened.

To this animal, his life ended during those minutes, with a pain so deep that is better to forget.Gruesome!

If you are against the mistreatment of animals, please spread the word. Need more people to see what we as humans are capable of and how inhumane we could get!

My dear friends, I am really sorry if this picture hurts you, I hurt while posting this! I am sharing this in the hope that if some one near you tries to do these kind of things, you will at least try to tell them that this is really harsh and NEVER to be even thought of.Some one has emailed me in the hope that my word could make a difference. This is my way of sharing the grief of every animal lover.

Please Friends, share this in whatever way possible and request people NOT to be MUTE spectators -if you love and care about LIFE .This is an eyeopener!

Those who have shared it with me, I know you have done so in great hope!

It is Brutality Beyond Imagination,Beyond Recognition,Beyond Redemption!It's Killing to be Mute!


  1. a totally evil act,this is no fun it is outright barbarism/needs all condemnation,

  2. I condemn all those hands that chose do find delight at this brutal, cruel, merciless, savage, heartless and inhuman act!

    I condemn all those hands that chose to execute this beastly act of violence against a life that can not speak!

    I condemn all those hands to similar fate as they chose to render to this innocent life of an animal!

    Barbarous bastards!!

  3. Its totally barbarian act but we ourselves have made children as acting violent by giving them access to violent video games and others. This heinous act may have been seen at a Cartoon Movie and enacted upon. :(

    1. Beg to differ Daljeet ... had it been the influence of cartoon movies ... trust me ... most of us would have been more dangerous than the most dangerous terrorists or criminals that walk this planet. Take it from me ... cartoon movies have no such influence ... I am a bit over 35 and I STILL watch cartoon movies and in my POV I am a sissy who would rather get beaten than beat someone (read get violent) and condemns violence in any form.

  4. Agree ... this is brutality beyond imagination. However, I fail to understand why does a dog become an internet sensation and becomes the most talked about subject for a day where as women, men and children across the world are subject to equally brutal acts ... if not more brutal. My point ... how come I don't see anyone tweeting about a brutal attack on a human being ... why is that some woman or man or child does not become an internet sensation because he / she was subject to something brutal?
    .... anyway .... fuck it!
    Sorry for the animal and the many other creatures and fellow men who are victims of such attacks.

  5. @Robby Just as much i would not justify the act by blaming the audio visual media and content on it..... it would be naive to say that the audio-visual medium has no influence ...(well lets leave that for another another place) feel sad for the animal and no two ways the act is deplorable at the least

  6. Absolutely sick. What has this country come to? Chop off the hands of anyone who did it... Bleddy people will then realize how to use their freedom.

  7. Scares me to think of the growing stupidity around us. What a shame. Were the kids' parents away for cocktails when this happened? So shall you reap, so shall you, at the hands of these very kids.