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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home Grown Terror.....Abbottabad or About-to-be-Bad

The name may have originated as a teasing nickname for a man with the grave and pious attitude associated with an abbot but Abbottabad, has left an indelible impression in the minds of many who hated violent extremism.

A warning by the Pakistani foreign secretary Salman Bashir stated “catastrophic” consequences if any country-read India were to carry out a swoop style operation!Its indeed suprising to note that such a large scale swoop down by USA was possible without the knowledge of Islamabad!....Doesnt Abbottabad indicate  support to extremism? Just because it is a source of embarrassment, I think it’s pitiful that a country should feign innocence and ignorance.This must be taken as an oppportunity for the perfect reason to fight extremism instead of media and the rest of the world focussing and making talking points on some silly hallucinations of Indian aggression and its corollary of Pakistani victimization.

This is surely not the time for nationalistic chest thumping,fist rolling and tongue lashing!

This is the time for  Abbottabad to be leveraged towards rethinking and redirecting focus.It was surprising to note the Indian Army General stating that the Indian forces were capable of carrying out a similar swoop!....surely to emulate is NOT the point here.The point is a whole bunch of terrorists/extremists having found a breeding zone and shelter in Pakistan.Why not instead of rejoicing, persuade Pakistan to clean up its house and support it in any efforts to do so?

Its real sad that the majority living in our world has gotten so myopic that they refuse to see this incident as being beyond a petty brawl.It’s high time India become a model to nations, a terror to oppressors orphaning terrorists, a consolation to the oppressed, an ornament of the universe and  by that, sealing our work with resolve we may at least witness the dawn of the bright day of universal happiness.

It’s indeed a “good day” for America as claimed by President Obama.In my opinion elation must give way to some form of intelligent practical reflection…..I hate the attempt to obfuscate the larger issue!...even if terror is homegrown! Even if it happens to be Abbottabad!


  1. What blows my mind is that Osama was willing to live within 1 mile of a US airbase. The only thing I like about the last six years of him hiding is that every day he was probably unnerved by the helicopters flying over head, and that fact probably helped them get very close to him indeed before he realized the game was ending. I hope he enjoyed six years of wondering if that helicopter he was hearing was coming for him or not..

  2. When was the last time your tried something really difficult? When was the last time you challenged the odds doing something risky? Do it now

    Don't be the person of those who preach peace but in themselves bring discord, slander & hostility.
    If we want to take the word of edification, be the first to practice it. It’s the best way to spread Of all the good that we wish to bring to our neighbors’. When we take something from somebody, check within if our behavior allows us to this charge these reflections

  3. so far as we know that the word terrorism is politically and emotionally connected i feel so confused to give this a perfect defenition.When Terrorist acts are performed on religious grounds just for the sake of spreading a faith it becomes more emotional and sensational.. this sensitivity has really made rulers in pakistan captives of faith/belief/dogmas which they believe and in turn it affect political directions also...being such a case the question of existence between religious faith and political stability and honesty gets wounded..herethe rulers of a country will have to give a good price.