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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Organ Playing at the Royal Ball!.....Royally Screwed!

Two divided by nothing!

Kate Middleton and Prince William shared their first kiss as a married couple a few days ago!

The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their positions on the Buckingham Palace balcony for their smooch, along with Middleton’s family and Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William first planted a quick peck on Middleton, and then went back for a longer second liplock after he heard the crowd chanting “Give her another kiss!” He did, which led the fans below to erupt in cheers. How chweet! How cute etc etc……A British wedding to cheer everyone up when almost all of the rest of the world is falling apart!

In India quite a few were swooning over the  Royal Band, Baaja ,Baraat they hardly even knew!
Is it and inspired new age fairy tale or a shot of Viagra on a flaccid dead world economy? Was this the true meaning of Getting “royally screwed” or just another Global Urban wedding?
It was surely not the typical royal wedding where it used to mandatory for  the prince and the princess  to be virgins,untouched, and hymen intact!!! Protocols of hierarchy we know are truly depressing and surely this one sounds absurd and ancient.

Yes this was more like the IPL matches….glitz glamour…maybe even gooey with a touch of royalty to capture so many hearts, but mostly eyeballs across  the globe.The prince and princess’s wild partying days maybe over….or is it?This seemed more like an event managed vow… or a verdict?....almost “made to broadcast”..;-)

Hope this marriage does not self destruct due to all the “royal” interferences and the previous princesses being the archetypal dumbos! Hope this one doesn’t end up being a sperm bandit  who robs to produce an heir to the throne…after all she is a commoner! Hope she always remember the three magic words: "You're right dear" or at least the true meaning of the word getting “royally screwed”

Somehow I feel the princess would end up being a mouse…err  a house on fire!...its all about coping! Or is it?

Heard the toast raised at the  royal banquet?.........To our wives and girlfriends……may they never meet!;-)

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  1. hahaha,good one!!!they dated for 10 years,if she is a virgin and her hymen intact after all that,she is surely"royally screwed"!!