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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The TajMAAL of Corruption!

Every single day seems to be an abys-MAAL reminiscent of the age old scandals this country has been ravaged by. Starting from the Bofors to the 2G, and the CWG and now the Coalgate, how long is the list going to get?  

Coal MAAL hai bhai sab Coal MAAL hai!

We have a bunch of clever lawyers turned politicians who keep defending the worst and the most hopeless cases with some pathetic ingenious statements that leave people fooled. A few complicated words and feigning conviction seems to be one simple tactic employed to befuddle people. Of course I am quite sure they mean no MAAL-ice

Is this democracy afflicted with leprosy or as citizens we have become cynical and apathetic towards the truth. Have we all become MAAL-adjusting citizens of India?

It's raining SCAMS...it's feeling COALd!
The Parliament seems like a MAAL-adjusted fortress filled with demo bandits the ruling lead by a goonga BAD-shah who makes the value of non verbal communication grow by the second and his dedicated minions….. Of late BAD Shah has also donned the role of the official bard!- The official crow’s cacophony having ceased for a while! (Gratitude to my Friend Dwij for helping with illustrations)

Many States have their own share of MAAL-administrators- some from Karnataka picnicking in Argentina, some CMs and their cronies even officially advising their legislators on moderation in corruption! Little MAAL is good for one, but anything in excess is surely not good for legislators!

May their tribe not MAAL-tiply! Be it ….Chota MAALMota MAAL or Coal MAAL.

The media seems to have taken up the matter seriously and selectively in some cases. Now is that because of the claims of some channels being very MAAL-eable?

I feel like ramming into this tower of silence and puncturing all the weak defenses and irrational arguments which defend nothing but the MAAL-A -fide intentions of the politicians involved.

In fact a vast majority of our administrators seem very MAAL-nourished

Guess they are always looking at MAAL-pani instead of their regular chai-paani!

Surely this is a serious case of chromoso-MAAL aberration which sees no remedy for this MAAL-ady in the near future! 

Hope we don’t MAAL-tiply to end up being the Taj-MAAL of Corruption!