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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The TajMAAL of Corruption!

Every single day seems to be an abys-MAAL reminiscent of the age old scandals this country has been ravaged by. Starting from the Bofors to the 2G, and the CWG and now the Coalgate, how long is the list going to get?  

Coal MAAL hai bhai sab Coal MAAL hai!

We have a bunch of clever lawyers turned politicians who keep defending the worst and the most hopeless cases with some pathetic ingenious statements that leave people fooled. A few complicated words and feigning conviction seems to be one simple tactic employed to befuddle people. Of course I am quite sure they mean no MAAL-ice

Is this democracy afflicted with leprosy or as citizens we have become cynical and apathetic towards the truth. Have we all become MAAL-adjusting citizens of India?

It's raining SCAMS...it's feeling COALd!
The Parliament seems like a MAAL-adjusted fortress filled with demo bandits the ruling lead by a goonga BAD-shah who makes the value of non verbal communication grow by the second and his dedicated minions….. Of late BAD Shah has also donned the role of the official bard!- The official crow’s cacophony having ceased for a while! (Gratitude to my Friend Dwij for helping with illustrations)

Many States have their own share of MAAL-administrators- some from Karnataka picnicking in Argentina, some CMs and their cronies even officially advising their legislators on moderation in corruption! Little MAAL is good for one, but anything in excess is surely not good for legislators!

May their tribe not MAAL-tiply! Be it ….Chota MAALMota MAAL or Coal MAAL.

The media seems to have taken up the matter seriously and selectively in some cases. Now is that because of the claims of some channels being very MAAL-eable?

I feel like ramming into this tower of silence and puncturing all the weak defenses and irrational arguments which defend nothing but the MAAL-A -fide intentions of the politicians involved.

In fact a vast majority of our administrators seem very MAAL-nourished

Guess they are always looking at MAAL-pani instead of their regular chai-paani!

Surely this is a serious case of chromoso-MAAL aberration which sees no remedy for this MAAL-ady in the near future! 

Hope we don’t MAAL-tiply to end up being the Taj-MAAL of Corruption!


  1. Gol Maal or item Maal or Mantri Maal .. so many Maals now a days lot of confusion ... Please vote so that we can also MAALA MAAL ..

  2. There's a Wikipedia entry, "List of scandals in India" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scandals_in_India with the first paragraph saying, "This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness."

    Even Wikipedia believes there will be no end to this show!

    1. Yes Yash

      Thank you for sparing a few moments to share!
      Maybe we should have sumthing like Sonileaks! or Mummohan Sucks!

      It is a wee bit too much...so cool these damn fellas sound about the wrong doings!

      Lots of good wishes

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  4. Can't think of any more maal - somethings, but do wonder whether, by being quiet bystanders, we have encouraged these rip offs from under our very noses. Its time for us to wake up and make ourslves heard - baas ab bahuth ho gaya.

    1. Dear Dara

      Seriously YES!
      That was the whole intent of sharing this!
      We have kind become immune to all the wrong!

      That surely in my opinion is NOT a good sign!

      Thank you for coming by
      Lots of good wishes

  5. Replies
    1. Tanku Tanku Sunny

      Do keep sharing.Surely means a lot to me

      Good wishes

  6. Nicely written. It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.

    1. Dear Doc

      Lots of gratitude for sharing!

      Always does mean a lot to me Pankaj and sure you know that!;-)

      Lots of good wishes


    Nor-MAAL-y, I definitely have to react in such KA-MAAL ki situations, when everyone considers it "Their hypocritical birthright to treat Mother Earth, to be their Baap-Ka-Maal"

    The hypocrisy becomes Dys-MAAL, when the people demanding Para-Nor-MAAL-y heads of those, who ate the Sheer Khur-MAAL, but hide their own MAAL-Pauvva!!

    The hypocrites also state Ram teri Am-MAAL maili par mera Shopping-MAAL teri an-MAAL se safed hai.

    While they eat their Yakhni Kur-MAAl hiding their own T-pins, but Chat chadh Mulla Bang dey " Dekho, Dekho Woh Aaa gaya, Dekho, Dekho Woh MAAL-Pua khaaa gaya, jo thaaa sirf, mere liye, mere liye!!!

    The MAAL-ady of Melody becomes Kakoo Phony of Nakkarkhaane mein tooti ki auwaaj, when they say " Hum Na Ghoos lengey, na leney dengey " ABEYAAR to kya ghoos deney pe ban nahi lagaogey kyaa?

    There is no MAAL-A D for aborting this Dha-MAAL ki jad Black Gold Baby.

    Apradhi Kaun?

    The person who set up the Steel/Power/Aluminum Plant, which would help build infrastructure and provide employment to MAAL-athy Shetty, Ka-MAAL Siddiqui, MAAL-ory Sequeira & MAAL-Paharia Santhal requiring continuous Nor-MAAL supply of Power, for which they require COAL-MAAL using GOL-MAAL

    The Person who issues such COAL-MAAL using MAAL-Adjustment

    The person who uses MAAL-Practice of either stealing power or ranting every time Power Tariff is increased.

    The person who puts Wad-MAAL on the issue when the spy who comes from cold detects it

    The person who eats his NAAG-MAAL With Amul baybeyh

    The person who closes the NAH-MAAL to escape?

    Whether the The Party is on the SHI-MAAL, Right or Centre , the Ani-MAAL instinct to Graft is interproxi-MAAL.

    I better stay oblivious and Submin-MAAL and write blogs. Because they say, "Prostitution is worlds oldest profession, as long as there are people, with Pet aur Pet ke neechey ki bhook, body, soul and ethics would always be sold.

    No one can stop people being sold or bought
    Because, their is always some Sucker.




    Uwaar the best punnery ponnu for the Thugs near Mantri-MAAL

    Lots of Love & Chum-MAAL :-)
    Onatthinu Kaanaam

  8. MAAL-ady from KAAL-ady Adichchu Pazham Puryo, chammandiyo endokkey indaakilo

    Awesome work buddy

    You have lots or Pri-MAAL instincts in wordplay
    SuperDuperFantabulous Mata Kushy

    Simbly Lou This

  9. Tanku tanku Venu

    You have a great sense of humour and connect!
    Lots of gratitude for all the sharing.

    Always value your camaraderie and connect dear!

    Lots and lots of good wishes

  10. Dear Mata Kushy

    Kabhi Likho Thoda Kam
    Nor-MAAL hain hum
    Kabhi Humein padh jaya karo
    Is garib ki likhai
    Mein Bhi thoda bahut Dum
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    Pakdo Ghooskhori Kam
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    VenuG ke blog par jaya karo

    Matter Thanda Ho Garam
    Corporate Waxing kare Nam
    Aisi Phillum Bhi Banay Karo
    Tum Ferrarri Main Tum Tum
    Khake Bangali Chum Chum
    Kadwa Karela Bhi Khaya Karo

    Laa Laa Lala Laa Laa
    Paanch So Hazaar
    Main Karod Loon Dakaar

    this goes on "rhymeisparodyG" !!!
    Its Googleable G

  11. The Italian Alpha Female is looting this nation with her both hands! and dumb Sardar is facilitating her.

  12. When our country will start progressing is a query for which I am now getting a clearer pic! Fantastic article as usual ma'am!

  13. Since some days it became so norMAAL for the ordinary citizen, they are worried if no new scam is seen by evening each day. Every day a now scam raises its ugly head. I wish the citizens will not spare the opportunity in 2014 to teach a lesson to this MAAL Brigade.

    The cartoon you have posted alongside is so exciting. You seem to have a terrible aesthetic sense

  14. Outstanding stuff Doc. LOLed like never before.

  15. Outstanding stuff Doc. LOLed like never before.

  16. Its just brilliantly expressed--Did laugh out but with a heavy heart.Hope,Wish n Pray the scenario changes even if gradual.Its time!AHave shared a couple of your articles on my FB.Hope thats fine with you :))