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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birth Control! How Dare!

"Neither Birth Nor Death Can Erase Our Good Deeds"
The Date of Birth can only be one factual date, pure and simple!

The seeds of controversy regarding the DOB of Gen VK Singh was sworn by the careless attitude and erroneous actions by the MS Branch at a stage which was allowed to persist till 2006 when they first queried the officer on the anomaly in his DOB.

Excuse me (30 years after commissioning -?) -Why questioning it at this belated stage- ??

The UPA should be squarely blamed for the ugly scene we are witnessing now in the form of a confrontation between the army and the civilian establishment. The Indian Army has a glorious tradition of accepting the civilian control and not meddling in politics especially in recent times when our country has been facing unprecedented political instability.

Instead of honoring the General of such an Army at the time of bidding farewell the Government has dragged him into an unnecessary controversy. There is surely precedence of “age conflicts” being settled. Why subject a man of General Singh’s cadre to some procedural rigmarole.I am riddled with questions!

What’s special about Gen V K Singh's case? Just because he is self respecting and has fiercely independent views running occasionally counter to the Government’s?

Is he a stumbling block for massive kickbacks for vested interests in the government and the UPA for several defense purchases in the pipeline now?

Some interesting points to note:

Ø The aberration in DOB was first raked- up when Gen. J.J. Singh was COAS (2006).

Ø Interestingly planning for “Two down COAS” commences when a Maj. Gen. is approved for Lt. Gen. The so called “Line of Succession” after Gen. V.K. Singh drawn then, has since been talked about and quoted today officially.

Ø General D Kapoor, the previous COAS may have followed the line for vested interests and vigorously pursued the issue at each stage and made all out efforts to malign and belittle Gen. V.K. Singh before his being considered as COAS, and now when so called “Line of Succession” is being firmed-in, the matter has hit the headlines.

Ø Lt. Gen. Avdesh Prakash, the then, Military Secretary vehemently pursued the agenda of his Chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor. He was involved in Sukhna Land Scam and found guilty and dismissed from service without any pension and benefits by a Court Martial.

The Print Media and Electronic Media, so far, have reflected the issue in bits and pieces without giving the complete picture, which has left the masses in doubt so serious that some of them have even raised eyebrows on the personal integrity of the Army Chief.

This is the least I could do to let the people judge the case on the merits of the case and to know from the facts enumerated above that there are some vested Powers, who are hell bent to destroy the image of our most honorable Army Chief. 

 Obviously! to promote some gullible and pliable personalities for the post.
No efforts either direct or indirect can malign or tarnish the image of this fine institution “INDIAN ARMY”.Ramifications of not taking the issue to rightful conclusion based on justified action are grave, especially when our enemies are eagerly waiting to dismantle and demoralize our Armed Forces!

General V K Singh,I represent the voice of every right thinking honest citizen of this country who is with you in your efforts to preserve  the Army's integrity.I am so very proud of you.

I am most confident that the present COAS (36 NDA Hunter Squadron) will come out victorious!
General V K Singh, Neither Birth Nor Death Can Erase YOUR Good Deeds-JAI HIND!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brutality Beyond Imagination

Sadistic Beyond Redemption!

Some kids placed strong firecracker in the mouth of this animal and made sure he could not open it!

What has the world come to? To these kids it must have been macabre fun for a few minutes, and then they continued with their life like nothing ever happened.

To this animal, his life ended during those minutes, with a pain so deep that is better to forget.Gruesome!

If you are against the mistreatment of animals, please spread the word. Need more people to see what we as humans are capable of and how inhumane we could get!

My dear friends, I am really sorry if this picture hurts you, I hurt while posting this! I am sharing this in the hope that if some one near you tries to do these kind of things, you will at least try to tell them that this is really harsh and NEVER to be even thought of.Some one has emailed me in the hope that my word could make a difference. This is my way of sharing the grief of every animal lover.

Please Friends, share this in whatever way possible and request people NOT to be MUTE spectators -if you love and care about LIFE .This is an eyeopener!

Those who have shared it with me, I know you have done so in great hope!

It is Brutality Beyond Imagination,Beyond Recognition,Beyond Redemption!It's Killing to be Mute!

Speed Kills Cheap Thrills

Nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse!

Bengaluru, is culturally diverse and complex, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values. If you were among the millions in Bangalore who drive to work every day, you would probably grimace with recognition. With traffic congestion getting worse each year in the wake of constant growth in vehicle ownership, all kinds of people.sometimes even cows, throng the roads and your daily slog could easily put your life at risk.
Break Inspector Appointed By Nature

If there is one experience we all enjoy- I call it CT-Cheap Thrills!

It's a jungle out there! When it comes to driving on Bangalore roads, it is either easiest (if you are an alert driver) or the toughest experience (if you are a stickler for rules or a learning license holder) you may encounter. Our Driving Schools understand the trauma of driving through our Traffic. They are dedicated to providing you training on defensive driving, race car driving, traffic driving, aggressive driving, and child safety driving-Cheap Thrills- all inclusive!

Red Lights that stare!....It’s not a suggestion Friends!
The traffic light that stares us in the face every single day…and of course the RED light…it glows, we all know what it means….STOP! What do we do? Look around if there is a traffic cop- the moment we see none around there CT…we just take off through streaming traffic and enjoy the abuse yelled at us! Some of us even gesticulate rudely. Oh another boon- CCTV?…yeah maybe we need to just don some more make up change a full set of clothes or re-do your hair to look good when caught on camera jumping the light!

Indicator lights are always blinking in the direction opposite to the one you're turning! We have specialized in overtaking from the left. Wow what CT-in fact one road opposite the Garuda mall entrance actually insist that traffic flows the opposite way of what is expected as a rule.

Parking in No parking zones ! -Then the CT -waiting to see if our vehicles get towed away, or not.

The helmet hangs more on the handle than on your head! -CT
Pillion ends up becoming zillion behind. Suddenly the two seater bike gets converted into a family carrier right in front of our own eyes! Wah wat- CT until we get knocked down and actually need to undergo a CAT scan this time=CT

We hate queues!...guess we Bangloreans are what originated lateral thoughts in Edward de Bono’s mind …insist on making multiple queues. Which of course join the main queue?Imagine lane driving a guy planning to take a left turn would insist on driving in the extreme lane to the right-CT of course how can we deny him the pleasure? What CT if we actually manage to slip by …st lines or curved lines/lanes are an exercise in futility!

Mobile phone users have these funny postures, cricking necks and piles afflicted rears in order to adjust safe conversations especially since they are not allowed…Cheap thrills! The Network rarely falters!

Seat-belts…Gosh what CT… seen a majority wear it everywhere in and around the body, except where one is supposed to wear it! Most of them strap it on just to avoid the constant flicker on the indicator display panel in the car.Experts at bad posture-  you use your knees for steering more than your hands-Some CT!
Going so close and almost nuzzling against the vehicle in front of us…what CT… it’s like we are actually kissing the rear. And yet not!

Some of us, green revolutionists, don’t ever miss a tree in a car... our Air freshener!
Peeing on the roadside the cheapest thrill-its probably easier for a man because a woman would have to squat and it would just be a big hassle. Rarely seen woman pees on the roadside men don’t really care. 
Friends, watering concrete does not help!

You have the policeman hold your beer while you get your license-CT
Alcohol and driving don't mix, but still, many people love to drink and drive resulting in numerous road mishaps. Drunken driving has been recognized as a world menace, based on the stats which reveal that road accidents cause 1.2 million deaths and 50 million injuries around the world each year. Some 480,000 of these deaths and 20 million of people get injured by drunken driving

A lot many of us at Bangalore, are masters at breaking traffic rules and driving vehicles as carelessly as we wish. Traffic rules are flouted on our roads equally faster than changing lanes. Every single driving experience on roads here is race against time and it is better to keep your fingers crossed, if you are sitting next to the Formula CT Driver!

The very mention of rules makes some people rebel!
Traffic safety rules can be ignored at one's own peril. What is worse, the violators might end up harming not just themselves but law-abiding persons as well. A conscientious driver might be observing every rule under the book but if the driver behind him didn't bother with traffic niceties, he might add to the accident victims' tally.
This Could Be The Worst Turn Of Your Life!
Obey signs and signals. Seat belts are meant to be used. Don't indulge a minor by letting him drive. Children should play in a safe place away from the street. Use standard helmets while driving two-wheelers and don't carry more than one adult pillion rider. Carrying persons on the bonnet of a motor vehicle is not done. No person should be allowed to stand or sit in a manner, which would hamper the driver.

Right to life and safety is the fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India. However, more people die every year from road accidents all over the world than the number killed during the whole of the Second World War!..Cheap Thrills eh?

When things go wrong don’t go with them!
 The next time you feel like Romancing a Cheap Thrill, pause to think. A lot hinges on your decision!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of Cocks And Bulls, Flutes And Fiddles!

Some folks suffer from an extreme case of machismo-Not enough however to dismiss it as being SICK! ---Sex is more like a conquest for such toothpick dicks!

HOW DARE anyone consider women’s feelings as being worthless and socially induced, sanctioning their oppression, not being bothered about their sufferings or degree of domination?

 I am not an advocate of dressing like a whore/slut or whatever that means!

In fact I lived out my youth dressed in full sleeved clothes and long ankle length skirts in a bid to deploy unwanted male attention from them ever-present roadside Lotharios, who considered it their birthright to touch, grope and pinch.

It is convenient to put the blame on the victim, you dressed like a slut so you deserved to get raped!

 Many times in buses or public transport systems men tease, comment, follow, molest and some even touch or pinch butt. The worst is in theatres, when they extend their hands from the side to touch the mammary! How disgusting could that feeling get! I have never heard of one episode written or reported, of a woman do the same, like grope a man’s crotch in a public transport system! 

The discussions/debates invariably end up talking about the victim’s collusion means that she cooperates or agrees to being raped!

This actually renders the word RAPE meaningless! Can it be rape when one colludes?

In dating situations too, many women are made to feel exploitative if they don’t reciprocate wit sex at the end yet if the woman offers to pay the bill or half the bill many men take it as an attack on their masculinity!  The fact is rape is a premeditated act of violence, not a spontaneous act of passion. 71% of rapes are planned in advance. 60% of convicted rapists were married or had regular sexual partners at the time of the assault. Men can control their sexual impulses. The vast majority of rapists are motivated by power, anger, and control, not sexual gratification. It is NOT is an impulsive, uncontrollable act of sexual gratification.

The best deterrent for rape is social censure of the perpetrator to the same degree as the victims are made to face. One of the main reasons why rapists think they will get away is because they are cashing in on the ‘shame and social stigma’ the society will subject the victim to and not them.

While passivity and submissiveness may make women more rapable, it is a mistake to think that any woman is invulnerable to rape. If provocative or skimpy clothing left men unable to control themselves, sunny beaches would be over-run with flailing would-be rapists. Instead we know from research that only four per cent of rapists are able to remember what their victim was wearing!

Why must women have to beautify themselves in culturally defined/prescribed ways? ‘Modest dressing’ actually exacerbates the problem.

The more the people are used to seeing skin, the lesser the chances of debates on how much to cover is just taken as ‘natural’. People in the west go sun bathing topless in public parks; no one bothers a second look… In India too, men often go topless in summer without anyone raising an eyebrow!

Just because men are at the mercy of their testosterone and see a woman in a short skirt and think “I’m going in for the kill”-Are they’re not capable enough to ascertain for themselves what they really think or want. 

What is the line between controls and concern? Pinching and prodding hands don’t care about what you are wearing… but maybe leering eyes do?Covering of women is similar to covering men's eyes. Will the men agree to cover their eyes? 

Red-Blooded Alpha Male! - I believe how a woman dresses (and behaves in that dress) does NOT tell a you what’s on her mind!---
It just means “keep your eyes, hands and your precious prick to yourself!” 

If any such remarks are utterly repugnant and insulting to men- same is the case with women!

I like you-people say I've got no taste, but I like you Mr Dinesh Reddy, DGP Saar!

I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I can't seem to get my head that far up your ass!

In 2010, a chastity belt for dogs, called PABS (Pet Anti-Breeding System) was made of polypropylene and uses an eight-buckle locking system and a washable mesh pad to prevent intercourse in female dogs. Dr. Makolinski, Veterinary Director commented that "For the majority of animals, spaying and neutering remain the most beneficial option"

DGP Dinesh Reddy, Minister Patil -Are you listening? Neutering?
Madam Seethamma you have your choices! Get strapped-ABS-Anti Breeding System?