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Friday, October 12, 2012

RAPE the Crime! MARRIAGE the Punishment?

Living Example of Ambulatory Morons !

The khap panchayat’s suggestion- child marriages should be legalized to ‘rescue’ girls from such crimes such as rape? Is there any documented evidence to show that married women are not sexually assaulted or that married men do not commit the heinous crime of rape?

There surely is an “alarming” level of discrimination, violence and abuse that girls still face worldwide, and of late we have the privilege to see on media, some intellectually challenged folks in India who express their stinking views and reflect their suppressed latent desires to fornicate young girls! I have a strong feeling that premarital sex and extramarital affairs may soon be touted by the khaps as remedies too!

 Such senseless attempts to legitimize one evil to get rid of another should be resisted by each and every right thinking citizen!

My heart goes out to many unlucky girls who are forced to marry early are committed to being in slavery for the rest of their lives. Girls who are victims of such marriages experience domestic servitude, sexual slavery and suffer from violations to their right to education, health non-discrimination and freedom from physical, psychological and sexual violence. Why are we out to satisfy the sexual needs of psychopaths?

It is with horror I recall the recent attack on three school girls in Pakistan, where the main target of the attack, Malala Yousufzai, is a champion of girls’ education and girls’ rights!

The women of the future, the young girls of the world, should not be deprived of their fundamental human right to play and learn and enjoy being children, I rest my case by stating that many so called civilized members of the society we live in are abhorrent and cowardly.  

They are social terrorists who reflect what frightens those the most: a girl with a book, a girl who wishes for a life but mostly a girl with her head sitting steady and straight on her shoulders!