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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From the Cradle to the Coffin….....Fear Reigns!

We proudly call ourselves the citizens of a vibrant democracy…free but fear reigning us!

60 years up after independence, but we have made it a practise to live under oppression and fear.
Why are we still slaves forced to seal our mouths for fear of a good whipping? What gives the right to these so called law enforcers and people in governance the impunity to strike at will?

Most of the laws drafted in our country is in a manner, which makes almost every honest Indian an apparent law breaker.In a land which  boasts of Gandhi ,Mahavira and Buddha imagine a majority of the citizens living in fear… from the cradle to the coffin.

Most of us are vulnerable and confused and this trait is so well picked up by governing and regulating agencies to harass people at their own sweet will.

It’s such a joke that whilst the Hasan Alis of the world stash crores of rupees in foreign banks still evade arrest ,the honest citizens like you and me who discloses his /her assets pays taxes and get hounded!
Howcome India tops in the list of black money and coruption inspite of having one of the most stringent tax laws?It is indeed cheaper to give regular payouts to authorities than end up a tax abiding citizen…because the high tax payers are always potential targets to toy with.This extortionist corruption is truly the genesis of collusive corruption.

Ain’t it time for us to question archaeic laws and procedures we have been blindly following for almost 60 years? What have we achieved ?To quote an example, we have produced the highest number of evaders inspite of stringent tax laws.This seems to be more a system which not only questions the integrity of the system but instills a sense of eternal fear in them.

As an Indian, I expect more trust and more simplified systems.Laws surely cannot make the system fool proof.We need to  develop the culture of self compliance.I would love to live in a society whose foundation is built on individual social responsibility and trust.

Unless tackled from the cradle we will never be able to control corruption…we may continue to live in fear….of being honest!...till our coffin.

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