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Friday, May 27, 2011

Corruption-Thorns of the Seeds We Planted?

If I am observing a fast to support Anna  and to protest against corruption then, I must also pledge to pay my taxes and not pay bribes, not bypass the truth ! Why do some of us claim medical reimbursements by submitting fake bills?...Why do some of us avail sick leave on the pretext of being ill when we are hale and hearty?..Why why why….. is the question that  has plagued my mind!We seem to be diverting people's minds from cause to consequences!

It would be wrong to assume that most of India’s 1.3 billion people are corrupt! Its always been a dominant million who may be! Of which, a majority maybe political masters lacking morals scruples and good leadership quality.Everything cannot be the government’s fault! Its you and me in many ways, who have encouraged this raging epidemic! In fact nurtured and nourished it!

When I think of corrupt practice, it’s not just the politician that comes to my mind!...It’s every ordinary citizen who is responsible. Corruption in my opinion is not soo much a political phenomenon but a psychological issue!

It takes a minimum of  one month for all our procedures(property registration,passport application,electricity connection etc) to be executed.It’s we who are in a hurry!...skip queues,get restless,try using contacts and finally whethere anyone asks for a bribe or not there is a section of us who make “offerings” to expedite the process! Lo!...an isolated action suddenly gets converted to regular practice!

 Only when victimised or not being rendered services for “value”, the beneficiary starts screaming hoarse about bad practices and corruption!.......We fall prey to chosing speed over patience!....shortcuts over procedure!

A million citizens maybe ready to sit in Anna Hazare’s rally to protest against corruption but surely when it comes to their own causes and homes many of us are ready to hide the mess rather than confront it!We need the mental and psychological make up to address and confront every wrong practice without us being a part of the shortcut technique! Law enforcement would surely take care of itself!

Just follow procedure and STOP buttering officials.Our Constitution has the potency to take care of itself.Or did the Janlokpal Bill stem out of distrust and doubt of our constitutional system? Are we weakening or strengtening a democracy which we so painfully built?...many questions in my mind…The first question to be answerd is Am I corrupt?...Are U corrupt?....Get up and say something…do something before the thorns of the seeds we planted begin to prick us! 


  1. Arent they already??When i was young and naive,for eg,when i wanted my driving licence,i was told that i had to pay Rs.50 extra.I thought it was protocol.Now i put my foot down and wait!!

  2. nothing will change with Lokpal Bill. It has it's own agenda.Wait and watch outcome of it. With a billion plus head count,38 percent below poverty line,huge disparity of income and corruption in abundance.... nothing would change in our country and those who are promising are making a fool out of us. Electronic media,internet etc might have given us a chance to air our view but in vain. arrest of kalmadi,raja,kani, were actually politically planned. they are sacrificial goats used by congress. case in point if kani is party to 2G scam purely because of Raja & gang,then why Mrs. Shiela Dixit is enjoying freedom, who actually was responsible for common wealth game. Kalmadi will speak it out if not bailed out,sooner than anticipated...all this is planned and executed.