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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Log on or Lagaan?...From the land of Calmsutra to the land of Scamasutra!!!...have seen it all…Just a click away!

I have seen that a movement against corruption has elicited a surprisingly huge response as never before!The response no doubt has taken many by surprise,coming as it were after a series of scams and mishandling of various governance issues.

Yes,the government gave in conceeding to the demands of the Anna Hazare movement.Ahh… finally the opportunity to the common man to expose corruption in high places.The outcome which took shape due to the support of the media and social networking sites was something no one thought possible just a week ago.

Some feel the Janlokpal Bill threatens the very fabric of democracy whereas others feel it’s the panacea for all existing ills!In my opinion however,  it’s a lot to do with byte off more than we could chew!Many agitators may start demanding new submissions by the government as this move has surely set a precedent for pressure groups every now and then!....One click of a mouse is a lot of what is required!

I am of the firm opinion that the Janlokpal Bill surely must have teeth!...Obviously I subscribe to that (happen to be a Dental Surgeon) and the power to investigate and prosecute.Corruption is surely a complex issue and needs a lot more awareness or else the teeth may end up biting off more than one can chew!The main purpose is to bring in accountability in governance but would this bill alone be able to accomplish this?

Are the people ready to investigate,prosecute and pass a judgement all in one?How does one handle a frivolous complaint?...We are dealing with humans I assume and man is indeed a mystery on its own with all his imperfections in place! Would this be the advent of a new Monster?Would this signal the end of representative democracy? The beginning of direct  democracy maybe….One click of a mouse is all it takes!

Yes what Annaji has exhibited  was awe inspiring. Urban Indians who barely come out to vote, came out of their houses to take part in a mass movement.Support was just a click away!...maybe voting also should be a click away!.... Love the idea of a law with teeth…so long as we don’t byte off more than we can chew! It has almost become certain that  with money anyone can give the law the slip but with teeth?...maybe borrow the best from the government and the civil society! Will the Aam janata’s fight against corruption pay off?....excuse me did i say..“pay”off?....Aam?..lol..if you have bitten off more than you chew just keep chewing!....Please do share opinions…I’m just a click away!!!..;-)


  1. My best method than bill is dont vote. Let them pass a law saying compulsory voting, then we rip their heads off with a hacksaw. Voting is like the saying - As you shall sow, so shall you reap

  2. in my opinion, corruption will carry on in the corridors of power. Various methods to avoid detection. Lets see what the panel puts forth to check the system.

  3. The Lokpal Bill long overdue is the best thing that happened to India in the recent past. The Govt had no choice excpet to honor this aand any delay would have wiped them out of India.

  4. when C is repalced by SC calmasutra becomes scamasuthra....u see both are passionate in its own way...the spirit of power is more rapturous with scamsutra...i feel..and it is a reality..
    no doubt the movement by Anna hasare has created such a rapport among citizens against the evil of corruption irrespective of cast creed religion language and politics..... generally it is said that majority are in silence always...here we have seen a break even point...i am sure the time for furore is still far away..in a democratic system where people(?)are the king still i am skeptical about the success of such a lokpal bill with its all honesty and purity...but the most welcoming factor is the gallop from the young generation committed to a nation and with a proclamation that the games is in their hand...

  5. " Kalam uthai hai lafz nahi milta, jisko dhudh rahe hai wo shakhs nahi milta, firte ho tum jamane ki talash me, bus hamare liye tumhe woqt nahi milta."
    Me biting on my Applam n bread cumbs fragile n one an hard otherwise state of affairs.
    Well in it's present form unless an suo muto powers r given it will b an big let down. Justice Bushan also agrees to such an opinion. An varied section law makers n educated public agrees that all laws have an positive n negative stress concentration areas. What is importan is how well we r responible for arresting negativity. Damm US WE INDIANS we have RTI ACT PR ACT AND MANY MORE ACTS WHICH R AGANIST CORROUPTION.
    LOK JANPAL BILL is an old wine in an new bottle. Or rather caught our masses fancy as it was just an click away as u had put it.
    Every tiger has an tooth but all r not man-eaters.
    The taste if the pudding is in it's eating.
    Well who needs tooth to taste well to put it in an nutshell .
    " We better Log on to our good senses rather than pay Lagan in future. "

  6. When every person in India is involved and raises his or her voice, in the fight against corruption, the corrupt have to reform or go.

    It appears a distant dream but never underestimate the anger of the common man

  7. This is a long haul issue!!Good changes,need to wait and see..