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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Move over Scambos and Dumbos…..Rambo is on his way! Naam ya Kaam?

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”  said Herman Melville.

Isn't it the misfortune for India that tainted politicians get elected and selected for important positions, probably to do more damage to the country! The rousing reception for DMK’s M Kanimozhi, following her victory in Rajya Sabha elections, resembled a party's victory bash after winning state elections. Ms Kanizmohi is still fighting the 2G spectrum scam case for which she spent more than six months behind bars. Critics say she should have waited till her name was cleared in the case. But Ms Kanimozhi says she need not. "I have an example in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister (J Jayalalithaa) and I didn't have to wait till charges against me are cleared," she told NDTV. The DMK did not have enough numbers to ensure her victory and it was support of its former ally Congress' five MLAs that brought her a second term in Parliament. 
Long live the “United Plunderers Association”

The Plunderers continue to preside over a government in which almost every single minister, including the Prime Minister, has been linked to serious financial scams. Allegations have been ignored, denied or buried, investigations have been manipulated, and till today no action, or little action, has been taken

We cannot reform politics until the people and the delivery of justice is reformed. Delayed justice and tardy law enforcers have encouraged criminalization of politics. The country has been submerged by a tide of corruption scandals one more in magnitude than the other. These mammoth scandals are at a gigantic cost which India surely cannot afford.

When existing laws cannot be implemented wonder why some intellectual pygmies bring on new laws! The subjects have lost all their faith in the empire! Dynasty destroys painfully proven the worst ways….60 years is truly a long time. Its high time kaam spoke instead of naam!

Anna and Kejriwal have swung 360 degrees and converted a protest into their own desired manifestoes. The Cop Lady’s dreams remain! Crimes soar; Civic conditions continue to deteriorate. Black money inhibits capable people from entering politics, Merits rarely gets rewarded.Caste invariably divides!

Hope Young Emergent India wakes up. Hope they pitch to cleanse their immediate surroundings. They cannot set the sky as the limit; they must ensure more footprints on the moon. We can become the greatest force for progress and prosperity in human history.No point either wearing a dupatta of deceit or a burqha of secularism!...India must get past the caste divide!...past the Plunderers!

In the words of Robert Fripp who says “In strange and uncertain times such as those we are living in, sometimes a reasonable person might despair. But hope is unreasonable and love is greater even than this. May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse?”

It would be too late and if we don’t ASAP sanitize the law breakers would soon be the only legislators we ever have! Guess it’s time for a puppy lover to take over!

Move over Scambos and Dumbos…..Rambo is on his way!



  1. It is a terrible phase copuntry is going through

  2. How do we ensure that Rambo is different? Nothing to ensure – the Ping Pong continues..

  3. Well, we have inherited by our own grace, a Congress led Government led by a bunch of Looters, Imbeciles, sexual fuckstators, murderers, Scamsters, thugs and what not. It is an assortment of them enjoying the tax payers money and living the shit out of themselves in palatial bungalows they would otherwise never have ever seen let alone stayed.. I mean, most of them. Like you aptly termed, the United Plunderers Association has managed to sit tight and hang on to their seats, thanks to the democratic set up our constitution prescribes. Knowing fully well their limitations, both in time and qualification, they make the most of the tenure they are provided by the people with of course, two hoots to the welfare of that very lot who voted them to that undue luxury. Since our constitution doesn't provide for a *kick out* so to speak, they survive the five years and then unhesitatingly beg to the same voters to win them so that they can loot further. And the voters are a class by their own. More often than not, their conscience is made frozen by the compassion and concern the Politicians pretend while begging for votes. A couple of deaths and lo, the sympathy wave creeps in ensuring another miracle term for an otherwise good for nothing jackass!

    Amidst all this, a Narendra Modi has arisen with a charisma and sense of purpose that none seem to be able to comprehend. Therefore, a sense of confusion, consternation, trepidation, amazement and anxiety has begotten the entire political family of our Country including his own, the BJP. Even they seem to find it difficult to handle the man. His, mission, vision and focus in pointedly favoring the youngsters who incidentally form the majority in our country, and to date he is scoring way above anyone else comparable.

    Yes, India must move out the cocoon it has forcibly rested, thanks to the Congress led United Plunderers Association, and seek an alternative mandate. Why not? India is disintegrating in every aspect of socio-economic-cultural pluralisms and therefore, it is worthy of expectation of every citizen to seek an alternate mandate to arrest this disintegration. As of now, only Modi provides that assurance no matter whether he is a Maut ka Saudagar, a Mad Cow, a Rambo, a Phenku etc. etc. etc. ; salutations with which he is derogatorily addressed by the UPA these days. The country has to wake up from their deep slumber and realize that it is them who are accountable for their deeds and not the goons who are put in healthy chairs to assist their welfare. If that awakening comes, well and good for the Nation. But if it doesn't, well, the country deserves no better.

    Well done Ushy :) :)