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Saturday, December 31, 2011

DGP Dinesh Reddy:Foot in Mouth Disease

Kudos to Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) V. Dinesh Reddy is the latest to adorn the “wall of shame” --He is suffering from a disease which has no cure-It’s called Premature Articulation…a predecessor to Emission Impossible! Guess he has had too little a dose of cracks and cleavages!

Even in Saudi in where in public a woman is expected to wear an abaya (a black garment that covers the entire body) and also to cover her head and hair also there has been rape reported! So, WTF DGP Dinesh Reddy? Even the visually impaired can rape!

In 2004,DM Parghi,even put a "sleeveless blouse" in obscene category!A 'pardarshak vastra' — i.e. a see-through or a transparent dress!

What is this concept of decent and indecent dressing? Some call it provocative? Or obscure?
Women are always harassed and questioned regarding what they choose to wear and I don’t think that’s right or fair.What about the men who wear such tight jeans that one gets to see their “tom tom” bulging out to the extent that one can even predict the diameter of their vas deferens! Ain’t that indecent?

Why this notion or critique of indecent dressing has to be limited to women only?

Some advertisements where pheromone laced cologne when used by men, attract women from miles around to ravish him--Would they(men) be guilty of rape? Or would they be innocent by reason of drug-induced insanity?

The way a woman dresses cannot be routinely cited as an incitement to rape.
References to clinging clothes, low cut tops, bare midriffs, short skirts and even sleeveless blouses are common in the context of rape trials.The assumption that such choices of clothing can lead to rape-that clothes can speak for a woman who says NO are extremely damaging and ludicrous!

The suggestion that there even is such a thing as an “Invitation to Rape” is appalling!

Why should women be judged according to the now uniquely male "reasonable man" standard?Would a reasonable man feel a woman was subjecting him to undue sexual provocation with her dress, perfume or behavior? Many men might say yes,however, I do not agree!

We are in need of a new discourse directing the focus onto the perpetrators as opposed to the victims! 
Why should the focus only be on women? To prevent rape, we need to know what causes someone to rape. Is it true that -- only men rape?Are only men  the problem, therefore the solution is to control men? It should be obvious, however, that like all bigotted viewpoints, this oversimplifies both the problem and the solution!

Are rapists really disempowered men? Yes, many are.

Then we have the likes of the DGP,  who I’m has  enjoyed the voyueristic cinematic violence and lurid pornographic sequences in mainstream movies featuring hyper masculine men! Validate their masculinity, provide them with ethical and constructive outlets for expressing that masculinity, men will rape less and contribute more! This will work,but, as with so many things that are true, empowerment is only part of the answer, because there are other reasons why men rape.

Not the least among them being that millions of women idolize "heroic" rapists.

Identifying the cause of a problem, as most of us know, is half the solution.

Attacked by the DGP, the press, crucified by the politically correct gospel of intolerance, alienated by women-bashing, and disenfranchised by growing social injustice, women are targets for sick chauvinistic true believers.

Mr DGP! You have Halitosis-When was the last time you had a mouthwash? It stinks!What is it going to be next?...When a woman smiles she seduces?
You Mr DGP, are a serious case of Foot in Mouth Disease!


  1. I am sure idiots like Director General of Police (DGP) V. Dinesh Reddy have never heard the phrase "Each to his own". Arre yaar ... let a lady wear what she wants and let a man wear what he wants. Peace.

  2. New phenomenon has developed in this country of proclaiming that what they do is right n others are wrong....if same incident happen at their own house i don know how they goin to react...n if dress has something to do y they leave their own family person sweet.....rape is a disease and its horrible instinct of not controlling your sexual desire.....

  3. An interesting view. The law enforcment agencies in this country dont understand avery basic issue. Which is that man has viewed a woman as his to exploit and use as he pleases. Even though women have come ahead and demanded and got equal rights in many areas, men are still unable to remove them from their minds as objects of use.

  4. Dinesh reddy is a known arsehole but with our cities teeming with Sex-starved migrant male labor who are accustomed only to skinny dark skinned gals back home, showing of skin may provoke Carnal behavior.

  5. My two cents:
    Well excuses, are the 1st indictment of failure for inefficiency, which this DGP has shown. Dressing n all and invitation to rape type usage of words/phrase is actually exposes the lacuna of intellect cells necessary to decode cause and effect relationship.

    Just as punishment is not deterrent to crime, claiming the gestures of women is invitation to crime is more than fallacy of deep rotten brain. There have been cases where toddlers are also been inhumanly molested, where does the indecent dressing comes here.

    Will the Security Guard / Watchman / Police absolve from its duty of preventing / solving the case of home burglary by stating house has open windows and/or the color of paint of outside wall is kind of inviting thieves to loot the house.

    Another important point to be pondered is, rape is a NOT just a crime committed by individual or group of individual by forcing intercourse on the female, but it is the entire system who molests the victim by not physically touching but by having apathetic attitude and embarrassing her through ordeal of demonizing the victim and glorifying the culprit and the crime. Hence the penalty should be levied upon rapist and also to each and every individual who was in that system that created hindrance to the justice. The supporters of crime, direct or indirect are the real parasites than the one who commits the act of rape, because the criminal thrives in confidence only through support of these scoundrels in the system, be it political, police, media and any other power house.

    For pseudo human/woman right activist commenting on rape or rape victim is so very easy and to sympathise with rape victim it’s even more easy and fashionable. But as a society to actually empathize with the victim and to take some constructive steps to avoid it we have hardly any courage to do it and yes I say we including you, me and all others. We hear moral police says gals should not wear jeans or other stuff, we have politician saying if gals wear tight clothes she is inviting for being rape. WHAT SHIT. The idea "Not to rape" is required in the society and not "NOT TO GET raped". Tight clothes or intoxicated gals are no license for heinous crime and also not the character or past deed of women is the free pass.

    The mindset to justify rape itself should be criminal act, any intercourse which is not consensual is RAPE and has to be severely Punished and that too quickly. Just as there is no invitation to murder - invitation to rape by gesture / clothing / character is just low level thinking which is brewed in stinking brain of rabid scoundrel. To get the record straight, Even if women is walking naked on the road, she is not public property and/or buffet lunch/diner for psycho HORNY parasite. No one can/should trespass the individuality. Simply put - Fencing or No fencing, the encroachment on some else's private property is crime and cant b justified by lack of fencing or some juicy apple been hanging in that area.

    hence, DGP of Andhra Pradesh kindly STFU

  6. It is a sad day when a policeman chooses to blame the victim instead of owning up the inability to control crime. He should resign and make way for someone with the will and ability.

    Women are a convenient excuse for what is essentially a job not done. Getting women outraged turns over the debate to the morality of women and not all men are like that and denouncing of rapists, etc - all hot topics.

    Slipping unnoticed under the smokescreen is the guy who plain hasn't done the job going right back to "work".

  7. The context of what you write and the environment we live in.
    Yes, the urban,erudite youth of today, earning a decent living and mostly on their own & single want to live a liberated life.
    By contrast, about 70% of the population still have a conservative mind set.

    This liberation brings along a new freedom of expression, to what a person wears, speaks and behaves. I live life my way! Fine, as long as you are in similar company.

    The others may stare and or pass remarks. That's the reality of our age. If the person is uncomfortable with a few stares or remarks, best he/she conforms to the majority.

    Rape on the other hand is willfully forcing oneself on the other, in a state of uncontrollable lust, which is UNPARDONABLE.

    It is the psyche of the Rapist that is flawed.

    Your statement of a reasonable man being provoked by what a woman wears, perfume or behavior, should consider responses of only reasonable men. In no way, is that an invitation to rape, yes the woman would be stared at, even passes may be made. STOP.

    We have lived in a male dominated society for ages. Equal rights for women is still in its infancy.

    Why is a woman expected to shoulder 80% of the house work even today? As a society are we liberated?

    Brings to my mind, the sculptures in our temples nearly a thousand years old.

    Do we not see sex in all its forms? In temples mind you.

    I would love to know the mind set of the people in that age. Were women truly liberated?

    From where did this conservativeness develop?

  8. Wonder how long the law enforcers are going to cite dressing by women as a reason for rape. While we are still debating on what constitutes indecent dressing and how much of it works as a bait for rape, a woman is raped in less than 1 hour somewhere in the country. Rape cases in India increased by 760.4% to 21,397 cases in 2009 from 2,487 in 1971, according to latest figures from the National Crime Records Bureau. (http://bit.ly/vbga6F). I agree with Rising Gladiator’s remark “The idea "Not to rape" is required in the society and not "NOT TO GET raped".” A ZERO tolerance policy has to adopted and enforced to punish the rapists (death sentence, capital punishments) so that there is no space for mistakes in the minds of such men.
    So, Director General of Police (DGP) V. Dinesh Reddy, can you tell us what you can do to safeguard us rather than telling us women how not to dress?

  9. I remember one of my friends who readily confessed in front of me that a fully covered gal, in burqa/saree, salwar kameez sparks his wild imagination much more than a gal with minimal clothes. Does DGP has any answer to this? Rape is rampant in all strata of society. Housewives to working women, saree or no saree,jhaduwalis to high profile, maids to models, rural to urban. So how could he categorize that the so called rape, molestation occurs cos women invite it by wearing skimpy clothes. Who wants to get rape, not even the hookers! Its all in the minds of men, if he wants to he would drag even a beggar. Yes have heard of a similar case where hostel guys raped a beggar gal of 13 years. She wasnt showy or wearing provoking clothes, so? her fault-she is a gal. I think the fault lies in being gal itself. Why arent men blamed,why arent they confined to wals after dark and gals roam freely? why after such unfortunate incident girl is blamed saying "tumne hi kuch kiya hoga tbahi tumhare sath aisa hua". Sex is not between the legs its in the mind. Yes , Mind. If minds are not filthy such filthy activities wont take place. A gal can wear anything she likes, loves and carry. Why is she restricted while the ruffians are allowed to move freely. Men can roam in towel and girla not even in salwar kameez!!! DGP instead of getting things right is doing a simple thing ' apna palda jhaadna' Morales at your end are to be checked not at a woman's end. Guy will think what they want to whether saree or mini skirts.

  10. In continuation to my earlier comment, couple point more:
    WIll the investigation officer / police blame the house owner for having fancy furniture electronics and other valuables in his home and thus tempted the burglars to carry out out the loot. Also comparing the Quote "Precaution is Better then Cure" does not apply here, as Precaution can be taken by avoiding the reason of mishap, where as clothes / gesture is not the reason, its an excuse (not by rapist but by custodian of safety). Clothes and Rapes comparison is similar to - Asking a person not to fly in airplane, for their is terrorist attacks, not to go on roads because of accidents, not to drink water because of bacteria, not to breath for there are germs in air, and the list goes on. hence clothes and rape is not even incidental, forget coincidental

  11. This guy Dinesh Reddy is sick. What is he trying to convey - his inability to do his duty cannot be passed off as "Invitation to Rape" He has to Bloody earn his money or get lost. This is an apt case for your "Men are like Eggs" Either they should hatch or go bad.But then I wonder if it is just the men? Not sure after Seethamma-BU Panel Head on Sexual Harassment. This is playing the Tretayuga character representing her name a bit too far - Sita.It bodes well for Seethamma to remember in Kaliyuga it is not Ramas on the street.
    Foot in the mouth? No. It is a Stick up his **** case... These guyz really frustrate me no ends!

  12. Your best till date. Simply the best. For the first time I agreed to every word you wrote... Ushy, ur the best... As usual!

  13. What a sad state of affairs. Why doesn't somebody ask such morons(the likes of this Reddy guy) to get themselves as well as the disgusting rapists in question tested (lab tested) so that we can at least learn the cause of such strong 'temptation' hormones that their bodies secrete defying all moral as well as humane virtues!
    We call ourselves a rising super-power, when in reality we are nothing more than sick barbarians. Every day hundreds of girls are molested/raped and many of them don't even get to share their stories. Their tales remain buried somewhere .. sometimes in the hauntingly helpless eyes of the victims and sometimes in the form of a lost desire to live. But who cares?! We are too busy advocating that we are a democracy. We provide each citizen with the right to speak his mind out. Does that happen? yeah, it does. People like the esteemed DGP Reddy express their 'respectful' opinions in public and even manage to get away with it unscathed.
    What is required today is a strict law against such men, a law that doesnt remain on paper alone but is executed with full justice. India needs to wake up, wake up before its too late.

    Kudos on the post. Brilliant write-up!
    Nivedita Gandhi

  14. Ushy, at your reverberating best as always. You have indeed highlighted the outlook pertinent to a social disease becoming rampant in our country in the absence of any adverse visible punishment.

    This DGP (how he became one is for anyone to ponder) has a habit of mouthing imbecilities. In fact when he was uttering this very cockamamie point of view, he had an able ADGP in Tejdeep Kaur Menon, clad aristocratically in a Salwar Kameez sitting right beside him. In fact it would be prudent for the DGP to revisit the dress code of his wife and children first before this asinine comment ( I am given to understand that they too attire themselves often in Salwar Kameez, if not always )!! Hence, in his perception a threat of *RAPE* lingers there too, in his very household!

    That the apparel of women is the litmus test for the aching libidos of some (thankfully) men is just absurd to even imagine. Any sort of dress can be worn that conforms to the premises they come from or live in. The West that clad themselves in a scarf at best does not have the proportionate ratio of *rape* happening as it does here. It is not essentially the binding code of uniformity of wear for women but more of the social outlook of men that needs to be measured in this instance.

    If, hypothetically, dress was the culprit, wonder what the DGPs lineage would be? Obviously his great grandparents never wore dress above the waist as was customary of that era. Would that have meant that there was beastly *rape* flourishing then (history did not record any sort of moral indecency “generally” during that era – at least not to my minimum knowledge). It would be absurd and foolish to envisage otherwise now except for the fact that there is a breakdown of law, order and punishment to crime. That the very houses that is supposed to safeguard society from incriminating elements abets in these very crimes is not just ironic but gruesome too. The DGP falls in this school of thought where, instead of doing his duty diligently, he safely passes the buck to his claimed decreasing morality of society in whose parameters *Salwar Kameez* too figures!

    The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse is a *Crime* - period. There is no two ways to looking at it or two ways to reasoning the cause of it. Unlike the perfunctory action that the required authorities like our said DGP undertakes to arrest and punish the predator, such crimes will be a composition of repetitiveness. There is no point in blaming the *Attire* of women as the sole cause of this frequent crime. Hand out stiff punishments without delay and there will naturally be a reduction to such acts. But the impediment there too lies in the fact that the footloose libidos belongs to Governors, Ministers, high ranking Officials, Elitists, Men with Authority so on and so forth who the likes of DGP Dinesh Reddy wag to. The common man gets his due for the crime but not in these elevated premises. Once these are punished shamelessly and remorselessly, I think a gradual reduction in the perception of maculating any women by force will diminish.

    I recall what Freda Adler wrote about Rape. She says :- “It is little wonder that rape is one of the least reported crimes. Perhaps it is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused and, in reality, it is she who must prove her good reputation, her mental soundness, and her impeccable propriety”

    How true, isn’t it, under the current circumstances.

    Anyway, a very poignant subject well articulated….Mataji!!! 