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Friday, April 15, 2011

Kill Bill vs Will Bill…..

Is it wrong to tar all politicians with one brush dipped in public angst against corruption?

There are some upright politicians who might seem like beacons for the future.I think we surely have some ideas mixed up here….instead of lookin at politicians elected by a democratic process in order to enable and ensure good governance and set high public standards like transparency empathy and diligence, it’s the vain glory that is reflected.Armed security guards,escorts,red lights flashing imperilously on their cars are all we see.They are elected onto a byzantine empire the foundations of which most often are black money and corruption.They take bribes and demand favours in return as perks for post.

It takes two to tango.The giver of a bribe and the taker are equally corrupt.Maybe its our way of getting around a system that denies us fair opportunities but please remember each time we pay a bribe we break the system a little more!Despite moaning about corruption we don’t hesitate to vote the same representative back to power!Many politicians are endorsing the anti corruption movement forgetting that they themselves are involved in scams and frauds.

My problem is  not only with the politicians but with some Toms and Dicks ,Janes and Marys who have leapt onto the Hazare platform!Swamijis,Sants,NGO’s and so called social activists who may wax eloquently on morality and corruption but whose personal ethics are on the wane.For some  in fact totally eclipsed!;-)

 I am of the firm belief that a cause is known by the company it keeps!..Especially in case of the Lokpal Bill. In any struggle its imperative that transparency and vigil are maintained.One must slash friends as strongly as foes.This movement is beginning to seem  like  a bandwagon where deadweight may destabilise the move even before it takes off!

Hope global power has not begun to flow from the barrels of a new medium called Facebook! Websites and pages are cropping up by the minute! If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution,you must take part in revolution. All ideas originate in direct experience.No revolution is just a Pani puri party! Not even in a white kurta/kurti! Not to forget the crowning Topi!

In the words of the Mahathma himself “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean¸ if a few drops of the ocean are dirty¸ the ocean does not become dirty

We maybe rid of politicians though but find ourselves in deeper trouble!


  1. The drafting of this JAN LOKPAL bill should not be in darkroom... this should be drafted in public where suggestions from all citizens should be equally respected

    and this article by USHY is makes complete sense... this revolution is just not a pani puri party ...

  2. this is going to be a herculean task!!looks like it is going to be messy too!!!

  3. If you allow a political catchword to go on and grow,you will awaken some day to find it standing over you, arbiter of your destiny,against which you are powerless.

  4. Many thanks Ushy for streamlining our thoughts on this.
    It isn't easy, but it is time a beginning is made.
    Kudos to everyone for the will to make it happen.
    We will improvise it as it evolves, to make it more practical and tough for offenders

  5. I would really appreciate it if all my friends share a line or two on their thoughts regarding the Lokpal bill and it's implementation! For those of you who have already expressed a thought...Thank you!

  6. looking from wat happened y day to the bushan duo, i am sure its gonna be messy!

  7. Well I just hope that Hazare's effort doesn't go in vain. He started a revolution in the system & we all must support it. Thnx Ushy for the blog. It is only us, the citizens who can help change this corrupt system. All the corrupt officials should be brought on roads & handed over to public.

  8. Yes Ushy whatever u have written is true..
    But i strongly feel that its almost impossible to eradicate a evil called corruption from the system.. Its a virus which is so strong that non of the anti virus is going to delete them permanentely..
    We have ourself and our ancestor to blame who fed this virus just to get the things done easily in there favour. No matter how much u fight today or raise ur voice aganist it, its doesnt matter..

    For me corruption is not only about taking money, even recomendations for job and other things is corruption.. Recomendation happens for all ur loved ones, ur relations or family friend. Some say this is a help and humanity but i say its a again a form of corruption where the deserving candidate is overlooked. This corruption will never stop till there is a heart beating in a person. IF u need to remove this completely then we need hard hearted person in the power who has no emotions, who thinks independently, who is not baised no matter who the culprit is..

    I have lot more to write but i guess i need to stop it here. This is just my perception and thinking about the corruption.

  9. Your point is well taken. Without the clear vision alternative mechanisms to the present evil, we may be jumping from frying pan to the fire!

  10. Correction: without the clear vision of the alternative system...

  11. Baba Ramdev has rightly said " Lokpal should not end up becoming another powerless Lokayuktha ".

    Unless it becomes a village level or grassroot movement, fight against corruption will not give the desired levels. Pray that the "clean hands" amongst politicians act at least now and strengthen the movement.

  12. public makes politicians, inturn politicians make the public...both ways there are stained hands..before commenting on a politico, we also should take a look on ourselves how honest we are. this post is tru reflection of whats in society around..:-) keep it up

  13. there is a shortcut to a problem and there is right path for a solution.. we tend to take the shortcut and therefore it hits back at us so hard..
    corruption does not start with top most level always.. it starts from the grass roots and grows up in size in every level..