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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maun is Rather Mean!

Silence Hath More Eloquence G? 

Our Prime Minister, who is an excellent economist, was to manage human assets with the same passion, as managers manage the work flow and processes within the party. Then why is it that he seems often bored and indifferent to the day to day operations of the party/organization?

What is it about him that makes him ill-suited for leadership roles? Why is he unable to take enormous risks, huge initiatives,decisive action and controversial stands that good leaders rarely shy away from? Is he a good manager? a good economist? a good statesman?

Look at the 2G, 3G, CWG and more recently the Coal scams? Poor management skills, or just what happens when a leader is forced into becoming a good follower?

Why do we always hear words like “passive”, “serf”, “obedient”, “lemming”, “mindless” and “mute” describing/referring to our honorable PM? Why we speak to the manner in which we have come to think of this poor man who submits himself to the visible hand that holds the stick in an endless cycle of subjugation, loss of personal authority, and a diminishing sense of self worth!

Mr Singh said that in the course of seven years as Prime Minister, he may have made mistakes. "Who is above making mistakes? To err is human but to accuse me of evil intentions, of conniving with corruption is a charge I firmly repudiated," the Prime Minister said. (from DNA) link given below.

Would our PM please truly demonstrate his leadership within this contemporary organization, which is so fraught with contradictions and turbulence?
How long this MUTE-iny? G

Time to Speak up and Act up Honorable Prime Minister G!


  1. “True leadership must be for the benefit of the people, not the enrichment of Politicians.” #Mytake Mum Mohan
    Des2videsh / R Jain

  2. Verdict of Time: Making an administrator a P.M. - a big mistake of Mrs. Gandhi: (http://blessedexistence-blessed.blogspot.in/2011/09/verdict-of-time-making-administrator-pm.html)

    Ushering in economic reforms, activating NREGA or such flag-ship welfare measures were never a matter of governance. These were decisions of administrative nature. There was no crisis in these. It is in crisis that governance gets tested. The first genuine crisis which DR. M.M. Singh faced was when scams after scams started tumbling out of the cupboard. If an objective observer analyzes his response to these, Dr. M.M. Singh the administrator gets bare with no governance skill. His much maligned response was “I don’t know anything. Nobody told me anything”. Do you hear a typical administrator’s response there? Escaping responsibility! Escaping the need to lead! This happened as Dr. M.M. Singh is a career-administrator not programmed to govern. Let us examine a step before this. It is alleged that Dr. M.M. Singh knew and suspected of wrong-doings in CWG as well as Telecom Ministry. His response was typically administrative –Let us see, let us wait, it is not my department! My allies are handling it so I can’t do anything. An administrator ruling the roost.

    Governance issues would have warranted an honest person like him to put his foot-down and if need be even sacrifice the government. In reality such a sacrifice would have got Congress an absolute majority. It is widely reported that he was against Mr. Balu becoming the minister of Telecom. He also was not comfortable with A. Raja in particular and DMK in-general handling this ministry. Still the ally prevailed upon Mrs. Gandhi and the administrator accepted the decision taken by someone else. This is what the administrators precisely do.