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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rape Goes Viral....Infectious Epidemic Requires Vaccine!

Deadly HIV= Her Integrity Vanishing?

Get beaten if you stand up….Get killed if you speak up!

Is rage the primal driver behind all this India Gate/ Jantar Mantar upheaval? –The urgent need to a total overhaul of Indian criminal justice system and a process of police reform to protect our women. Are we a violent society who has lost all moral dignity? We have become proud to be intolerant and have come to accept misplaced arguments about words like liberation, equality, freedom and human rights?

Only recently a gang of at least a dozen men dragged a woman onto the road by her hair, tried to rip off her clothes and smiled at the cameras that filmed it all, a visibly warped attitude – of politicians, of police, of other women – the list is endless! 

We have horribly failed to put a leash on the flooding libido – of rapists –sick predators including cops and other security personnel.
Constantly, we are forbidding a woman to put on, a pair of jeans or to have the veil on in order not to provoke male sexuality. Even reforms/laws are planned/framed on the basis of the myopic views of the predominant male vision! Are we regressing as a Society?

I also hear of as many as 28-30 sitting members of the Parliament in senior positions to have rape, sexual abuse or molestation cases pending against them. Upon inquiry, it might tumble out that many of our legislators and parliamentarians are guilty as well of complicity in other crimes against women – female foeticide, dowry deaths, domestic violence etc.  

The Delhi gang rape incident might push Parliament to reform laws? Excuse me…The irony of it all! So far what's the outcome:

  • Suspending two ACP and seeking explanations?...Singing Beethoven to the Buffaloes!
  • Victim’s condition worsens but vital parameters remain stable….A life term for her?
  • LG slams Delhi Police for security lapse…..Case of Pot calling Kettle black!
  • Police names Ramdev and VK in FIR for clashes at Jantar Mantar…. What a Blame Game!
  • Some dysfunctional Women’s Rights Bosses with verbal diarrhea speak up!...Routine!

Golden sentences from Home Minister Shinde who seems to constantly sit with his knees in his mouth   ......worth framing!

  •  “It’s very easy to ask the HM to go to India Gate and talk…tomorrow Maoists will come to demo with weapons”
  • ·“Earlier Bofors was a talking point people forgot about it. Now it is coal this too will be forgotten” –said on September 15th!

The Honorable and Stoic Silent PM finally SPOKE!!! …..that too prepared speech with definite opening body and conclusion!

It’s a shame for the PM who spent so much time to argue for FDI in retail chose to remain mum on gang rape! He is concerned for the young woman who was the victim of this heinous crime! He came in with a slew of measures to address violence against women but the innocuous question “Theek Hai” at the end of it makes me suspect the whole “script”

Ironically the Speaker, The UPA chairperson are women, have barely or sincerely addressed concerns. Of 906 police stations in Karnataka only 10 are women manned! One example of imbalance!

Branding of women and public humiliation almost like she has committed the crimes, do a clean disservice to the victims by aligning sometimes with the side of the perpetrators be they murderers or rapists. Even members of the judiciary make lewd remarks about rape and women. Even children are raped across the country…. Rapists’ rarely punished!

Women gets ogled, pawed, and even pinched on roads, during travel, work place subject to lewd talk.

What we need urgently and consistently is to undertake a process of thorough gender sensitization.

Every 22 minutes a girl raped but conviction is hardly 26 % if people are tired of lethargy, do they deserve water canons… tear gas… and lathis? As the nation waits for Nirbhaya case to be resolved, the anger on the ground is very palpable.

I am drowned deaf with some questions ringing in my ears!
  • Is a woman entitled to the Right to safety?
  • Are we a democratic state or a police state?
  • Is the Police primarily occupied in providing VIP security
  •  Is this a loud shout fallen on deaf ears once again?
  • When will the Blame Game Stop and Punishing the guilty start?
  • Why are Women’s issues considered marginal and trivia
  • Is social activism and media propaganda or judicial backlash enough?
To add on is the great ‘Bhartiya’ repressed libido. Men seek out cheap pleasure and have little fear of law. The stigma is always attached to a woman being raped; we surely know the social value of a so called 'Pavitr Naari' aka ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ woman. The ‘stigma’ of a raped woman has been made so entrenched in our sick minds, that it overrules the fear of punishment of the rapist. Guess it largely explains the underreporting of the sexual crimes against women. The rapist most often roams free!

In the largely apathy ridden society of today, gruesome stories of rape and abuse would make people squirm. The question here is … are we able to give a sanitized atmosphere to our women who have every right to make the most of their sexuality, dress and speak the way they like?

Women Surely Have a Right to Safety. Anyone violating must be punished without delay or deliberations.

What we need urgently and consistently is to undertake a process of thorough gender sensitization.

Now people are demanding castration for repeated offenders?
Who is going to ensure this law? The Irony of it all------
Invariably a MAN -wielding two very powerful scrotal sacs! 

Get Beaten if You Stand Up….Get Killed if You Speak Up!

Rape-Bitter Chocolate for the Cowards! Without NUTS!

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  1. Even though the SC has directed the union govt to implement police reforms and judicial reforms.....it suits those in power to ignore such instructions and use the weak laws to settle score.It is not about one rape..issue is much surgery and serious

  2. A very well scripted blog on the current scenario all over the country which has spread like dengue fever. The present commmittee headed by a judge to look into this problem and suggest measures to ensure protection of women has a lot of work in their hands & people are expecting a result oriented methodology as an outcome. This blame game between one department to another has to stop forthwith.
    Well done Doctor Ushy.

  3. Very well written mam and all the questions are necessary and not only these, even after we go in to the issues we have 1000 more questions. Before a couple of days I went through some articles about Indian law regarding rape and many countries where I found that mostly every country is having just imprisonment as the punishment and it has never been changed. In US if the culprit voluntarily asks for castration the imprisonment is lessened though the INDIAN LAWS since ever have never changed and even if we still want to bring changes in the law it's not going to be as fast as we are demanding.

    Also when done some research on rape cases, 900+ cases of rape in Delhi alone are yet to be heard and we saw that in the meanwhile we are talking and asking justice many more rapes have already occurred and are continuing. Political parties and Media is mostly cashing out on this and the attention has all gone to stupid things instead of the girl who is suffering.

    We saw how the police is behaving and showing off how their constable died but didn't show how many students were injured even once in that lathi charge. Everyone today in the whole nation is too raged but we are again as the puppets of government asking them to change the law, to punish the rapists and demanding the change knowing that they have deaf ears and change is rarely going to happen. Sigh..

    Well written Mam! - @Gods_Evangelos

  4. very creative use of the term HIV. Sadly and horrifyingly, its true! great job once again with the blog! :)

  5. My views are on much broader perspective:
    Whatever Punishments we may define, it will never solve the problem apart from instilling some kind of retaliating/revengeful satisfaction and/or create a fear in the individual to attempt. Offenders may stay away from attempting such horrendous activity, but deep inside his deeds are not dead which could take some other form. Fact is that it is not helping to solve or clean the basics... Moreover the society is always living in fear. This will add one more. Another problem in different magnitude will have another fearful dose. Where are we heading to.. Creating a fearful atmosphere to live? We will have to keep learning more of the fear factors than some good things. Will that not add fuel to already burning issues by large?

    Problems such as this and lot more are actually giving more power to the ones we may be opposing. We cry out loud on issues hoping to solve. Who is benefitting? The controller.. One fine day, the authorities will pass some law and amendments’. What next? All will get back to work with a feeling that they fought hard and got this issue settled. Is that really settling things? Only at ‘our mind’ level. The controller already won over all our minds. Virtually we all have given the remote control in their hands.

    Problem should be solved at the root level.. Cultural level.. Lets devise some platform that teaches Oneness/Love and Respect. Its time to drive the energy from bottom of the Pyramid. Stronger the bottom level, no force can control..

    Nirbhaya’s story just surfaced. There may be many unheard/untold/suppressed Nirbhaya’s. How far can we fight for maximum punishment and safety. By the way how safe are we really? Gone are those days when we have good lighting and best of security and locked doors can help safeguard. We ourselves are giving virtual open door entry right into our bedrooms. No amount of patrolling can help here. End of the day, it is the individuals choice of taking a particular path. There will be lot many choices; what to choose is important. Let us bring clarity in us on what to choose and ways to choose.

  6. Sorry I woke up a little late. May be at the right time, the time of utter distress and frustration.
    Here are somethings I could collect (though - copy paste, today can you write something like these?? Nah - not me, I am so afraid.)
    Don't forget to visit - http://adhocshare.blogspot.in/2013/01/india-mera-bharat-mahaan.html

  7. Safety 85% in our hands...14% circumstances...1% fate...