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Monday, November 29, 2010

Aaaah...The "F" Word...!!!!

She’s plump,sloppy, powerful and ready to cause more controversy!!! Is that a trend that’s getting back? Breasts, laps, buttocks, shoulders, and most of what is associated with the  so called “asset” systems obscured in an avalanche of flesh! …Fat is in!!

I have always been repulsed by thin women!… I find them disgusting: their absurd bow legged walking, their absence of body contour—breasts, laps, buttocks, shoulders, Most of what I like to see in a woman, missing and leaving nothing but a  rivets of bones…

Black steel, twisted and hard, encasing the bodies lots of poor souls. The weight of machines bearing down on the bodies of women, sweat dripping from their brow as they endured the pain. Another Aunty, strapped onto some tool, stretching her body to and fro as she grimaces in agony!- Torture devices as far as the eye can see, each imprisoning another wretched body. This may sound like I'm describing some medieval dungeon, but I'm not. I'm describing a horror far worse... The Gym!!...Fit is in?

Every time I set foot in the gym, I see people that haven’t the slightest clue as to why they are there, nor what they should be doing!

My gym is more like a nursing home than a model agency!! Many 40 plus aunties..coming to heal their heels!.. They even take the elevator up to the gym (which is on the 2nd floor), only to run on the treadmills, pounding them into oblivion for almost 40 minutes. Goodness, you're gonna run a few miles- just take the damn stairs! Hours and hours of pointless walking makes it...seem more like the “dreadmill”!!

 Most often women in particular are found working out their mouths rather than their bodies.Its said that building muscle mass is even more difficult than giving birth!.. No wonder I have a trainer yell at the top of his voice-“If you want the body you’ve always dreamed of, you’re going to need to break the rules and become a fitness outlaw... You choose!”I have confirmed  that the vast majority of women at gyms never lift weights.They would often bring books and magazines to read on the bikes or treadmills, the pedaling and walking those often almost a slow, plodding after thought to the reading, and would spend copious amounts of time on the “fat-jiggling” machines.

But then the amount of time many female gym-goers spend on their make-up or hair at the gym suggests to me that exercising is not their primary reason for going to gym.. High on the list of ‘progress pitfalls’  is another phenomenon termed “socialising”…The male Instructor was the privileged one, and he made sure he wore the leotards( or as I call them " nut huggers") to the gym. This I assume was an attempt to impress the aunties, and the aunties end up laughing because it looked like  he was smuggling a peanut in his shorts!! I must  admit though he had plenty of  “FIRE”…(female impressing raging energy)!!!...Fake is in!

Then came Yoga….
We were winding down after a yoga class that was a little strenuous and tiring!!  We lay down on our backs and closed our eyes and started to relax our whole body.  I turned to my left and the old lady lying next to me was sound asleep!-Have you ever heard of the gas relieving pose?  There is such a thing!.. You lie on your back with one leg out on the floor and the other pulled into your chest with knee bent.  We were doing this pose and one of the women let out a big fart!  It took all of my strength to keep from laughing.  To my surprise no one else seemed to notice or care but I found it hilarious!...Fart is in?..or is it out?..lol

50% of the people in the gym these days are posers! The other half are there for a hard workout. One way you can tell  people who are posers, is that they always look around at people and sometimes even wear sunglasses in the gym!.. People who are seriously working out rarely make any eye contact!! 

Real women have more to their personality then just the wrapper on the outside, because one day its going to be gone, even if you work out…irrespective of whether you are “Fat” or “Fit”… So don’t just go through life…Do grow through life!!!


  1. I call myself CHUBBY! Fat is in Thin is out- Thanks to Ushy! Fat is Fit and Fat is beautiful. Accept it gracefully by climbing the stairs to the gym- burning a few calories before stepping on the tread mill.
    Keep going Ushy! Its fun reading your thoughts- very observant I would say!

  2. "Male Trespassers are Prohibited" - Womens special

  3. You have an impassive eyes to look at things and create; makes a thoroughly enjoyable reading; what a mnemonic device to tag the story on in 3F and all that! Hilarious too!

  4. Bones are for dogs,men need flesh!!!Curves are compulsory!!!

  5. Like u said, I'd d F word...FUN...the article was...d humour on leotard n fire esp.

  6. i prefer kickboxing better...we can kick and box..all ..without any bloodshed...:-)..i second the '' curves is compulsory ''endorsed by rajeev..

  7. To be an hero have to have an size zero on ur arms. N to be an
    heroine may be have an stud line atleast in a talk in gripewine.
    The grunts N thrust , the sweat N toil is worth it wt in gold if
    translates from the brench to the bed.
    From press to the roll.

    What Alisa kareena viz vis karishma.
    One is zero with no hero N the elder one hats off to her resilence has an hero at her feet.
    It's either silicon for an hard on or an let down for no work on.
    Healthy body is healthy soul. But soul
    too needs xcercise of xperience.
    So learn from
    it N if smart learn from others mistakes N alas
    in finess it's ur look out If one worksout an analysis then an bird in hand
    is less worth than more in the mind.

  8. dear ushy mam ! some fat is always admired by the viewers and praised by users and played by licence holder specialists. So every time fat has different feelings and explanations.Sometimes it is beauty and sometimes it is of choice too but anyhow a nice lesson read this morning.

  9. To add to what i had penned earlier

    I go to a gym thrice a week not to become size zero but to stay fit!!!I find a significant percentage of men talking shop,politics,sex,anything but fitness!!To top it all off,after the "regimen",there is a huge glass of milkshake or juice which renders the whole regimen superfluous!!!It is now fashionable to be seen in some exclusive fitness centre!!!

  10. well me too like voluptuous bodies.

  11. lot of efforts putted to put up weight,,,,

  12. lol, women who are at peace with themselvses are more fun o be with ;)

  13. Excellent play of words Ushy... awesome. Enjoyed it.