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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleeping With The Enemy

It’s a perfect case of GQ=Glamour Quotient overtaking the EQ and IQ! The external glitz has been translated into presumed effectiveness in talks between two nations who do not share much camaraderie.

Somewhere we are overriding a sense of responsibility towards objective coverage and reporting of important news.Trivial and  superficial has suddenly turned into significant!

Birkin Bags, Jimmy Choo shoes,Chanel glares? Aww gimme a break!...has this got anything to do with external affairs? But most of what I saw being “broad” cast was related to this designer labels being an intrinsic part of the Foreign Minister.Anyone who has lakhs of rupees can walk out there and pick a Choo or a Chanel! It seemed a lot like just that, made the whole difference to the efficiency of  Khar!

Looks are deceptive….Real beauty lies within…Never judge a book by it’s cover….now this was something I have heard all the way through School and College! Seen the contrary during Elections and Selections.Actors being roped in for governance and as they say improve”face value” of the party.Could the current disgust with the  dirt and sleaze in Politics/Governance be washed out by a Birkin toting Item Bomb?

Somehow I felt it was just advertising disgusing as politics! Again ample evidence to prove that Humans are after all consumers, and here was a product that could sell!

Do brands radiate an aura that in any ways multiplies the effect the wearer has on others?....I would be only too glad if our Speech chor who’s also a known Maakhan chor, is motivated to play hard in the arena of “external affairs”

The victims of blasts and terror do deserve a lot more than designer coffins and tombstones!Not that the burnt got any seasonal discount in crematoriums!

There must be some dignity in death….The current exchange that just happened between the ministers can only provide  for designer clothes for the  the dead!


  1. The purrtiest external affairs minister ever!!wonder if she is good enuf inside,where it really matters!!

  2. Always wondered Rajeev! Internal or external Beauty mattered!

  3. Spot on, Mate!

    Humans are indeed consumers and here was a product that could sell.

    Also - if someone, at age 34 - when you hardly understand the meaning of life, leave alone politics of one of the most confused Country, and that too with a degree in Hospitality Management, can become the 'External Affairs Minister' - well, I guess I'm Albert Einstein then!

    Take care.


  4. I guess we have all become Americanised - The Packaging is more important than the Product!
    And have become Long Term Memory Challenged! In the end we are all suckers!

  5. Truly well said Sanjay and appreciate you taking time off to Share!Do visit my Blog more often!
    Guess we are all Einsteins in a way or the other!...It's kinda better to be gun toting than Chanel toting!;-)

  6. Dr B how very true!
    Always believe in the outer luster and that's why a whole lot of problems with the Media and the Admin!
    The glitz and glamour is far too exciting for both, to ignore!
    Well it is truly an Insult to all our intelligence Dr B!...Do stay connected!

  7. Hi Doc

    Thanks for replying to my post on your blog.

    Sure I will visit more often, also I read your tweets sometime but I'm not a follower since I don't have a Twitter account.

    I have noticed one thing which I'd like to mention here if you may permit - trust me, replying to each tweet/email/letter is NOT an Asian quality - but you do! I'm neither anti-Asian nor saying they are snob - but if not any interest or business -it's just not in their habit to reply. Sad, but very true.

    Please don't lose this nice habit - this is indeed very nice of you.

    Take care.


  8. Doc

    Sorry to write here, this is with respect to two of your recent tweets but since I don't know where to contact you, leaving my comments here, hope you don't mind.

    #01. The Aussie Radio host is damn right - at least, if you see the situation in Kolkata/Bihar/UP - it's indeed a junkyard.

    Shame that we have a better and much bigger waterfront than London or any other town, but it's us who made it a junkyard.

    #02. Journalists are folks who tries to educate/inform/confuse people with information about events, sometimes with clue but mostly without.

    A writer is a person - who tries/pretends to write/sell a story or an article, and hopes it would sell as hot cakes do, even if it's nothing more than hot shit!

    A blogger is a person - who vents out on the web when he/she is totally pissed off with life or an event - which might be personal(husband was drunk last night), political(how hot Hina R Khar or Sara Palin is), or not-so-very personal(the cat of my best friend turned vegetarian, what to do?)!


    Take care.


  9. Sanjay....Lots of gratitude for sharing!...I believe it's basic courtesy to acknowledge and hence I do so
    Love Humans ...So many imperfections!;-)

    Do mail me for more details bout you..do send me ur email id!

    And thanx for the comments on the Tweets as well!U are welcome anytime!

  10. Eh! Mataji, at your eloquent best. Mordant wit at the right dosage is what it is all about. That Bikini...ooops! Birkin did capture the interest (only?) of a Nation and 'upped' the TRP of every damn bloody channel in the country is needless to say. Lucky they stopped with her designer 'external wear' only and didn't opt to peek underneath! Thankfully!

    It was more of a slutwalk by a painfully thin lasse, adorned with more clothes and accessories than the body could weigh. Her veil was countlessly falling off distractedly adding to the irritation of the Main Stream Media who found it intervening their untiring attempt to focus her face. But, Her raspy seductive voice certainly had our Foreign Minister grappling his age!

    A mockery of death is what it ended up as not to forget the slap Bikini...oops! Birkin gave the Indians upon arrival by meeting up with the Separatists! So much so for mistimed and misplaced prurience. But, Yehi hai India!

    Nothing can bamboozle this beautiful piece of writing...except Mataji herself!!!! LoL!

  11. Doc

    Thanks again for replying, you are really kind.

    I do not know your email, so I have no means to email you my details but, if you drop a line at : sanjayr@rocketmail.com - I promise I will write back ASAP.

    Just a small intro, if you care to know:

    I'm ugly - once Marc Anthony told me that at last, he found someone uglier than him !

    Then - I'm fat, bald, short - try to picture Danny DeVito - you will get a pic of me :-)

    But I know you'd say a - 'a cover can not be judged by the book' opps! Did I say that most of the time I'm drunk as well? :-)

    To add more - I'm jobless, homeless, wife about to quit (but not yet since I still have $5.34 in the bank), I also throw my Boomerang to everyone who knocks on my door - in short, a perfect gentleman you may say :-)

    More on the email lol

    Thanks again and have a great day ahead.


  12. There is some extraordinariness about you. For the rest don't take anything seriously, all are always in a flux, changing, yet serving a far grand Scheme of Things. Let ppl enjoy, you enjoy your own way.

  13. two things that we can discuss - 1) it is us the consumers wand our prefercne for consumerism over nationalism that makes media give what "we want" 2) it is a big question mark that most of the media (print &TV)so "responsibly" kept on writing what she wore.i saw tweets, FB cmmnts, FASHION got the better of NATION. this is not done.
    again, thought proviking writeuo

  14. Thank you very Much Authorharb for the compliment.
    I very much subscribe to the thought of live and let live!...Keep reading through and keep commenting please

  15. Hey Jaideep
    My gratitude for all the observations and of course feed back.Sure you enjoyed the read from what you had shared with me.
    Keep coming back!